woolworths brings forward plastic bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-04-24
Woolies supermarket and the company\'s BWS, Metro and petrol outlets will stop offering free disposable plastic bags to shoppers in new states, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia from June 20, 10 days ahead of schedule
\"Our team has been working behind the scenes to speed up the launch of this program so that we can start to have a positive impact on the environment as soon as possible, with Brad Banducci, CEO of the company) said in a statement on Wednesday.
\"We know this is a huge change for our customers and store team and we need to do what we can to make the transition between the two as seamless as possible.
\"The 12 stores in new state, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia will lead by phasing out single stores
Use plastic bags from Wednesday.
Instead, shoppers will have to bring their own luggage or buy reusable luggage at the woolies store that offers more than 3 bags.
2 billion plastic bags per year.
Southern Australia, Canberra and northern regions are already under the jurisdiction of the state
Ban on single people
Use plastic bags.
Woolworths and rival Coles joined the ranks of the elimination of disposable plastic bags in Australia in last July and set a deadline for their stores for June 30.
The environmental group, Planet Ark and the Alliance for swing ang, have backed the ban.
\"Experience in countries such as the UK and Ireland shows that with shoppers accepting reusable alternatives, small charges for plastic bags may eventually reduce the use of plastic bags by up to 85, \"We are confident that this will happen in Australia,\" said Ark chief executive Paul Klymenko. -
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