wolf weighs bill to block municipal plastic bag bansfire fighting foam contamination sites clustered along delaware river

by:Sengtor     2020-02-11
When state lawmakers narrowly approved a bill aimed at protecting jobs in the plastic bag industry, Pennsylvania was closer to preventing its towns from taxing or banning plastic shopping bags.
On Wednesday, the state Senate approved the bill, although some members of both parties, environmental activists and urban rights defenders opposed it to determine their own policies on municipal issues such as garbage.
Advocates who restrict the use of plastic bags argue that plastic bags will increase garbage
The cost of treatment, the blockage of the sewer, is an unnecessary supplement to the municipal garbage flow.
Over $160S.
The city has passed some measures to reduce plastics.
Supporters say that using bags, some other countries have drastically reduced the use of bags through their own taxes.
But supporters of the Pennsylvania Act say allowing local governments to set their own rules to limit plastic bags could jeopardize an estimated 1,500 jobs for plastic bag makers across the state.
This is the parameter that represents the use.
Mike Hanner, a Central County Democrat who is a major sponsor of the bill, wants to keep about 150 jobs at the Novolex plastic bag factory in his area.
The bill has been backed by House Democratic leader Frank delmodi and some Democratic supporters.
Bill Patton, spokesman for Dermody, said House leaders supported the Bill because it could have a \"negative impact\" on employment, although no city has yet implemented such measures.
\"The possibility of unemployment exists,\" Barton said \".
The act \"prohibits the political sector from imposing bans, charges, surcharges or taxes on plastic bags at the point of sale\", but does not prevent retailers from taking their own measures to reduce the use of plastic bags. Gov.
Tom Wolfe did not say whether he would sign or veto the bill, but his decision could be complicated by the fact that both parties in both houses supported the bill.
J. Wolff\'s spokesman. J.
Abbott said the governor opposed the bill, but will decide whether to sign it after reading the final version.
\"We continue to oppose the bill, but once the governor reviews the version of the bill at his desk, he will make a final decision on the bill,\" Abbott said . \".
Supporters of the bill say there is no evidence that local taxes on luggage are valid and say they put a burden on the poor and that they may have to pay taxes on each bag of luggagebag fee.
But a plastic ban bag, an advocacy group, reported cities including Washington, D. C. , Boulder, and Colorado.
San Jose, California.
, After forcing the use of each package, reduce the usage of the package by 2 or more out of 3
Package fee for shoppers.
Philadelphia opposes the bill, saying it will weaken its right to make decisions on taxes and waste management.
A spokesman for Mayor Jim Kenny said he was reviewing the legislation.
The Senate of only 16 Democratic lawmakers passed the bill by 28 votes to 21 votes.
The House passed the bill by 102 votes to 87 on April, with the lowest number of votes passed. Rep.
Greg Vitali, Delaware\'s democratic personality, voted against the proposal, which he called a \"terrible bill\", reflecting a special request --
Interest groups at the expense of the environment and stopping urban management is a problem for themselves, not a broader jurisdiction.
\"Municipalities should have tools to deal with municipal issues,\" Vitali said . \".
\"This has plunged Pennsylvania into a small group of states with a backward environment.
Vitali said he did not know that any city, town or township in Pennsylvania had taxed or banned plastic bags.
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