will this plastic bag trick help preserve fresh herbs for longer?

by:Sengtor     2020-02-19
The problem was more than I thought, I bought fresh herbs and hid them safely in the fridge --
It was only two days later that they withered.
As someone who hates to waste food, it drives me crazy.
Fortunately for me, the internet told me that there is a solution to this withered problem
Herbal madness: Plastic bag method.
It only requires little effort and some household items.
So I tested this method.
In the first day of testing, the tool was fresh coriander high glass or Mason jawata thin plastic bagel rubber: After buying the fresh coriander, I made the coriander small
I put half the branches.
Pour into a mud tank full of running water.
I then covered the thin plastic bag on the coriander and Mason jar and fixed it on the jar with a rubber band and put it in the fridge.
Then I threw another pile of coriander into the drawer of the refrigerator\'s fresh-keeping box.
Results on the fifth day: there was a clear difference between the two sides of coriander.
The coriander in the refrigerator withered and lost its bright green color.
In contrast, the coriander in the glass looks as fresh as the first day.
There are several reasons why this work works, said Lu Xiaonan, a professor at the Department of Food Science at Columbia University in the UK.
The first is to reduce exposure to oxygen.
\"Once you reduce the exposure of oxygen to these herbs, the oxidation reaction rate slows down,\" Lu said . \".
By slowing down oxidation, the enzyme activity in herbs may also be reduced, thus slowing down the wilting process and keeping herbs fresher, he said.
The second is to keep moisture.
He said: \"If the water is too low . . . . . . Then the herbs are easy to dry . \".
\"But it is also bad if the moisture content in the air or the environment is too high, as it may help the rapid growth of the mold.
He said: \"By placing a bag on a glass of water, you create an environment that is both preventing evaporation and stabilizing moisture levels.
Using plastic bag tips, herbs can be kept fresh for up to three weeks, Lu said.
Note: to achieve the ultimate freshness, replace the water every few days.
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