which is more environmentally friendly: paper or plastic?

by:Sengtor     2020-04-19
When you summarize the weekly grocery shopping and line up at the supermarket, it\'s time to make another difficult choice.
The cashier mechanically spat at you: \"Paper or Plastic?
\"Refers to what kind of bag you like.
This is a very stressful decision for some people.
Convenience will pull you to the plastic, but the nagging green conscience will automatically pull you to the paper.
However, it\'s raining and it may ruin your shopping if your paper bag is broken.
On the other hand, is it selfish for plastic bags to degrade in landfill for thousands of years?
But a minute--
Aren\'t we encouraged to save trees and avoid excessive use of paper?
The problem of \"Paper or plastic\" is not just a consumer\'s conscience.
There is less money for grocery stores to buy plastic bags, but environmental protection groups ask them to stop providing them with plastic bags.
So retailers and even the whole city decided not to ask this familiar question any more.
Instead, they are making decisions for us.
The grocery chain, Whole Foods, stopped distributing plastic bags in 2008 because of environmental concerns.
Cities like San Francisco and Auckland have passed restrictions. -
Even banned-
Use plastic bags at grocery stores.
In response to the Oakland ban, an organization backed by plastic manufacturers is suing the city.
The coalition, which supports plastic bag recycling, claims that the city has failed to do enough research on the impact of this ban.
The reason for the lawsuit is not that the ban will cause serious damage to plastic profits, but rather to the environment.
The alliance claims that plastic is as green as paper or, more accurately, that paper is as harmful to the environment as plastic [Source: Ariel].
It believes that paper instead of plastic bags is more harmful to the Earth than good.
Is that paper or plastic?
These two methods have obvious adverse effects on the environment, which we will introduce next.
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