where recycling plastic bags is mandatory

by:Sengtor     2020-03-06
I posted earlier today about the fact that despite the Seattle voter rejection of 20-
US tax on plastic bags and paper bags, bag war may continue.
After the publication of the American Chemical Commission (
On behalf of plastic bag manufacturers to fund the successful Seattle opposition)sent me an e-
I am asking for mail information on some data about where mandatory bag recycling legislation has been enacted.
The governor of Delaware signed legislation this week asking the state to recycle plastic bags (
It means that the big store must have a bag recycle bin).
California has passed similar legislation. 2006), New York (2008)
And Rhode Island (2008).
Some cities have also adopted a mandatory bag recycling policy: Tuscon in Chicago, Red Bank in New York. J.
San Juan Capellano, California(
Last year, several counties in New York City and New York state also asked for bags to be recycled, but this has been replaced by statewide rules. )
The organization also provides a list of places where plastic bag bans or tax enforcement are carried out: 1.
San Francisco, California. , bag ban (2007)2. Malibu, Calif. (2008)3.
Maui County, Hawaii (2008)4. Westport, Conn. (2008)5. Fairfax, Calif. (2008)6.
Palo Alto, California(2009)7.
Bank outside North Carolina (
Low Shore, Dare and Hyde County)(2009)8. Edmonds, Wash. (2009)9.
Bethel, Alaska2009)10.
District of Colombia (2009)
Regarding the Seattle vote, most Seattle residents have reused plastic bags, and many have realized that they can recycle plastic bags, said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics at the US chemical Commission, in a statement.
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I don\'t know if this is better, but I live in the Netherlands where you can buy firm, thick plastic bags at the supermarket checkout counter for 20 cents.
The problem is that these bags can be reused at least a few times because they are too thick.
They may be 5 times thicker and much larger than plastic bags in the American grocery store.
I also use these things as junk padding.
Like I said, I\'m not sure if this is better for the environment because plastic will still end up being thrown into the trash bin with the trash.
The advantage is that you can reuse bags for shopping (
If you remember to bring them with you . . . . . . ).
I tried folding two of them in my backpack.
What is \"forced recycling bag?
\"If the store has to have a recycling bucket (Tuscon)
Or you can collect bags with other recyclers (Chicago)
Then \"voluntary recycling bags \".
\"That is to say, the person handling the bag can choose to ignore the recycling option --and most do.
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