where are the plastic bag fees going?

by:Sengtor     2020-04-21
Five in Washington.
Cents for plastic bags similar to Toronto-but with the distribution of proceeds for public projects-some torotonians might want to know exactly how this windfall is used here.
Only retailers can answer this question.
This week, AmericaS.
The capital joins the ranks of eco-friendly cities to charge for disposable shopping bags.
In terms of the environment, the goal is the same as in Toronto: to reduce the use of plastics and keep the city and waterways clean.
To a certain extent, Washington will be able to do this, as 3 cents per bag will be put into the fund to clean up the local anakastia River.
It\'s not that bad to buy a bag occasionally.
In Toronto, more than seven months from the city.
In June 1, 2009, broad policies came into effect, and it was not so transparent how funds were allocated.
Under the city\'s charter, retailers can keep a five-dollar mark and can decide how to use it.
Although some large chain stores do not have laws to force this, they have extended five
Divide money across the country.
\"No money for us,
It goes directly to retailers, \"said Vince svraza, director of waste management services policy and planning, Toronto.
\"The city has no power to tell retailers how to spend money.
\"This is news for some consumers.
\"I never really thought about it,\" Lovenne Doucet said . \" She buys groceries at Loblaws and says she occasionally buys a plastic bag.
\"I thought the city would accept it.
\"Retailers say part of their earnings are invested in the environmental protection program, but no one will reveal how much profit they have made from these expenses, nor specify how much of it is allocated to charity purposes.
Officials in Canada\'s plastics industry say the industry\'s profits are estimated at about $15 million from the estimates.
Postage charges charged since June-retailers are clearly charging most of the proceeds.
\"5 cents per bag, a lot of money is being collected,\" said Vice President Cathy Cherco.
President of environment, Canadian Plastics Industry Association.
\"At the end of the day, what really benefits is retailers.
Implementation of plastic Loblaws-
As early as last January, before the package fee was requested, it has promised to provide the Canadian World Wildlife Fund with $1 million, partial proceeds and corporate donations each year for the next three years.
Sobeys works with Earth Day Canada to provide grants to local schools and grassroots organizations for environmental initiatives in their communities.
Part of the money they will receive comes from the sales revenue of plastic bags and recyclable bags.
In November, Sobeys provided $378,000 to 22 organizations.
\"We don\'t want to say purely that this is from the expense because you don\'t want to encourage people to buy bags,\" said Tracy Chisholm, director of communications and corporate affairs at sobeys.
Metro has created a charity called the Green Apple grant, which will provide $2 million to primary and secondary schools in Ontario and Quebec-$1 million per province.
Almost all major retailers have reported a 70 reduction in plastic products
The bag has been used since the rule came into effect.
In Metro, shoppers reduce their usage of 5 million packs per week to 1 pack. 2 million.
5 cents per bag, still equivalent to about $60,000 a week, or $3.
12 million per year
But Josh Laughren, director of communications at the World Wildlife Fund, said the number of bags represents themselves.
\"The real measure of plastic success --
The package fee is: reduce the plastic bag? And it does.
\"This is success,\" he said . \"
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