what to know about boston’s plastic bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-02-15
Boston people, get ready to take your reusable bag. On Dec.
14. the city began to change from a single one
Use recycled or reusable plastic bags.
The goal of this ban passed last year was to reduce solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste on the streets, and protect marine life and waterways, according to the city\'s website, \"promote reusable bags \".
But it could be a price for consumers, and the ban will not hit all businesses at the same time.
Here\'s a quick guide on what to expect: a formal ban on bags starts on December.
But not all businesses are plastic. free then.
Only 20,000 square feet or larger retailers need to have other options, according to the city\'s inspection services department.
By April 1, businesses with at least 10,000 square feet will need to throw out plastic bags.
The last start date is July 1, for all retail establishments below 10,000 square feet.
There may be some lingering plastic bags after that, but this only applies to retailers who are approved to buy --
Because they proved \"unnecessary difficulties\" by the ban \".
Customers can bring their own reusable bags.
But if you forget, or just don\'t, some businesses may start selling reusable, packable, or recyclable bags.
The city said the bags cost at least one nickel per bag and customers could see how much they paid for the bag because it would be taken apart on the receipt.
But businesses don\'t have to sell bags, so if customers don\'t bring their own bags, they may have to make a purchase without them.
The ban included bags to take home leftovers from restaurants.
Although the number of plastic bags is limited, several plastic bags are still allowed.
These include bags for production, bags placed in frozen food or meat, paper bags and dry bags
The city\'s website says cleaning or laundry bags.
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