what is the plastic ban in maharashtra all about?

by:Sengtor     2020-04-30
On Saturday, the Maharashtra government began enforcing a ban on plastic products.
On World Environment Day June 5, India is the host country. the theme of this year is \"overcoming plastic pollution \".
What is the plan?
On March 23, the government issued a notice prohibiting the manufacture, use, transportation, distribution, wholesale and retail, storage and import of plastic bags with and without handles.
The ban also includes disposable products made of plastic and thermocol (polystyrene)
Such as single-
Use disposable dishes, cups, plates, glasses, forks, bowls, containers, disposable dishes/bowls for packing hotel food, spoons, straws, non-
Polypropylene woven bags, cups/bags for storing liquids, packaging of products in plastic packaging or storage, and packaging of food and grain materials.
The ban does not apply to PET bottles regardless of capacity.
However, these bottles should have a predefined repurchase price, ranging from 1 to 2 depending on the size printed above.
Plastic for pharmaceutical packaging, compostable plastic bags or materials for nursery, treatment of solid waste, plastic bags for milk packaging are not less than 50 microns in thickness (
Specific use is printed on it)
, Plastics manufactured for export to special economic zones and plastics for packaging materials in the manufacturing phase are excluded from the ban.
The ban applies to manufacturers and consumers as well as chain stores in the middle, including shops, vendors, suppliers and offices.
What is the penalty?
Urban and rural citizen groups, collectors, forest officials, police authorities and officials of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission have been authorized to enforce the ban and take legal action.
Penalties for violation of the ban from 5 thousand (first offence), ₹10,000 (second time)and ₹25,000 (third time)
Sentenced to three months in prison.
If a person does not pay a minimum fine, the civic body may file a lawsuit with the court, which will decide the amount paid.
What is this necessary?
Environmental experts have been accusing plastic of clogging the neurah River in Mumbai and causing flooding in parts of Mumbai during the monsoon.
President Aaditya Thackeray, Yuva Sena, was one of the first to ask for a full ban on plastics, which was accepted by Shiv Sena leader and Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam
In response to this decision, plastic bag manufacturers filed a complaint with the high court of Mumbai, but their appeal was rejected.
The Federation of Retail welfare associations also filed a lawsuit in court.
A hearing was held on Friday but the request was rejected.
There are 2,500 units in the country that produce plastic bags, employing 56,000 people.
As of March 31, they owed nearly RS to the bank.
The Indian Association of garment manufacturers has publicly opposed the ban, saying that the apparel industry employs 30 lakh employees in India and relies on polypropylene for packaging.
What is the alternative?
Instead of providing alternatives to prohibited items directly, the state relies on people to solve the problem.
Urban local institutions like Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)
Invite alternative product manufacturers to present their products within three monthsday exhibition.
What\'s in the store?
BMC trained 250 inspectors on fines.
Both their list and the list of 37 collection centers can be found on the website where people can handle plastics.
At the same time as the penalty is imposed, they will register the criminal\'s aadhar number, PAN number or driver\'s license number.
It also opened a dedicated door helpline. to-Home collection.
As of June 21, BMC had collected 145 tons of prohibited plastics from Mumbai.
However, most of them are plastic separated from ordinary waste, and only a small part is separated from 24 dedicated bins that dump plastic.
This emphasizes the need for awareness-raising.
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