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by:Sengtor     2020-05-10
When you are in the store, you just want to buy a container bag for the trash can.
However, the garbage bag section makes it confusing because it has a lot of options. There are low-
High density garbage bagsdensity ones.
What should I choose?
For many black people of normal color, the garbage bag may look the same, but there are other colors as well.
The size is different from small, medium, large and large;
Always made of plastic.
But, apart from these facts, the garbage bags are basically two different-
Low thickness, high thickness.
It depends on what you should buy for it. High-
High density garbage bags
Density garbage bags made of \"high\"
Density Polyethylene \\\"(HDPE)
It is also a hot plastic material made of petroleum products.
The difference is that it provides the bag with a stronger tensile strength than the lower strength
Garbage thickness
In addition, it is recyclable and has a number 2 as a symbol of its reuse. High-
The density of the bag is lower-density ones.
Its plastic is very thick and has better puncture resistance, and the specific gravity can handle the material well. Low-
Low density garbage bags
Density garbage bags made of \"low\"
Density polyethylene or thermoplastic material made of petroleum.
This is a year of polyethylene use.
Pressure process.
Low density polyethylene plastic bags are generally recycled, with number 4 as a sign of recycling. Low-
Heavy quality garbage bags are translucent, flexible and hard.
They are waterproof, very sturdy bags that can be torn.
This garbage bag is elastic and can make more room for content that needs to be tightly bundled.
Now, if you need a home bag to hold your waste, this is your upper bag.
It\'s best to deal with sharp targets like kitchen utensils or broken glass, as well as wet waste like leftovers. Also, low-
Thick bags are also used as food bags for transporting any kind of food.
So if you need a sturdy plastic bag for commercial or industrial purposes, this bag is for you.
It is widely used in hospitals, restaurants, contract cleaners and other companies that need to carry a lot of materials and waste.
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