whangārei retailers say plastic bags have been on notice for a while

by:Sengtor     2020-02-21
There may be a period of confusion about what is single
Use plastic bags, although there are many warnings before the first day of the ban on plastic bags on Monday.
The Ministry of Environment is sending a mixed message calling for people to distribute singles among shopkeepers --
Use the bag and say it will sting
Or more officially.
Random mystery shopper audit.
But the environment ministry also said it would launch a new regime under warning --
Basic system before punishment.
The ban applies to all plastic bags with handles, including stronger, thicker ones with store signs, and any plastic bags described as \"biodegradable.
Some of the people who spoke with the lawyers said these were the kind of bags they liked and repackageduse.
They were surprised that the ban did not include thin plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets and in the vegetable and fruit shops.
\"They are only good for picking up shit, anything heavier, they will tear apart,\" Hamilton resident Anne Wilson said while on holiday . \".
She has read the bags that are still allowed for food hygiene reasons, but she said she will soon walk into a supermarket with two bags, \"it may be a little dirty now, and there are more and more bugs at the bottom \".
This ban applies to new plastic bags with a thickness of less than 70 microns, including plastic bags made of bio
Basic materials such as starch or plastic described are biodegradable, biodegradable or oxidizeddegradable.
Two whangrei retailers say they have a good understanding of the new rules.
Unless the customer brings it to use by himself, the goods will not pass through the counter in plastic bags.
Under the Waste Reduction Act, a fine of up to $100,000 motivates Mike An at King\'s Mart\'s Asian grocery store not to violate the law.
But he says many customers at his John St store prefer to use a stack of cardboard cartons in the store anyway.
Others have taken their bags for a long time, he said, because supermarkets have been in the lead since last year.
\"What we are more worried about is that customers who forget or don\'t have bags may not buy so much if they can\'t carry them easily,\" said Ann . \".
Across the road to save the land, shop worker Seo Young said she didn\'t expect the new rules to be different.
The store will replace it with paper bags.
National phase-
Not long ago, supermarkets and other stores no longer offer disposable use packages on chequesout.
Countdown says it has removed 1889 tons of plastic from circulation in New Zealand since last May
The equivalent of eight giant jets loaded
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