walmart to charge 5 cents for plastic bags in maritime stores

by:Sengtor     2020-02-13
From October, Wal-Mart will start charging 5 cents for each plastic bag in the maritime store. 17.
\"Last week, we started to inform customers of the Marine Times that we will stop giving away singles for free --
Alex roburton, senior director of corporate affairs at WalmartCanadain, said in an email statement: \"use plastic shopping bags . \".
Instead of using plastic bags together, he said, he hoped people would switch to reusable plastic bags instead.
This is not the only bag change Wal-Mart will implement.
The plastic bags they use will get bigger and stronger, trying to use fewerbags in this way.
In 2015, the New Brunswickers used more than 32 million plastic bags, Robertson said.
SomeLois Corbett, executive director of the New Brunswick Protection Committee, said she thought it was a good move for Wal-Mart.
Big companies like Wal-Mart should always be looking for ways to help the environment, she said.
\"The customer is ready,\" Corbett said . \".
\"I think the new black people particularly understand the impact of waste.
We are a very frugal person.
She said she hoped Wal-Mart\'s change would extend to other big companies and have a snowball effect.
\"What Wal-Mart does and what other retailers may have to do to stay competitive,\" Corbett said . \".
But not everyone is happy with Walmart\'s decision, like jaci Kay.
\"I think this is the stupidest thing ever,\" Kay said . \".
\"This is the literallya bag.
20 miles, we can\'t get 50 groceries in our hands.
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