wa retailers warned against flouting plastic bag ban as fines for offenders come into effect

by:Sengtor     2020-03-12
Shoppers are encouraged to buy dob among retailers offering a single item
The use of plastic bags is now effective.
The WA government began banning plastic bags in July 1, but small businesses have six months to prepare.
All retailers will be fined up to $5,000 from January 1.
In the months leading up to the ban, retailers and consumers expressed concern about how to deal with the ban.
After implementation, the union SDA, representing retail and fast food workers, reported that staff members were complained and abused by customers for failing to provide luggage.
But acting Environment Minister Simone mcguk said the WA community has now basically accepted the ban and she expects it to continue.
The ban has had a significant impact, she said.
\"Six months ago, the government issued a ban on plastic bags, which was greatly supported,\" McGurk MS . \".
\"It\'s not only because it\'s important to the environment, but people also want to know what they can do to stop the littering of luggage, especially the impact on our oceans.
Consumers are required to report non-compliant retailers to the National Retail Association.
Water and Environmental regulators will also follow up reports and conduct spot checks on businesses.
\"We hope this will be a carrot method, not a stick,\" McGurk MS . \".
\"We will work with the retailers association to make sure retailers and all stores understand that this is a positive campaign and we want them to join in.
\"Plastic bag suppliers and manufacturers who provide misleading information when selling plastic bags to retailers can also be sued and fined.
The ban applies to all lightweight plastic bags with a thickness of 35 microns or less, including those considered biodegradable or compostable.
McGurk MS says consumers can do their part to help.
\"We are very excited by public support for this ban.
\"I believe that we will get used to it as long as we have a little time, and our environment will become better as a result.
\"When you go shopping, you can remember to bring your own reusable bag,\" she said . \". So be prepared.
Carry reusable bags with you and remember to carry them with you.
\"Whether you buy milk from a deli, bread from a bakery, or take-out from your favorite restaurant.
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