victoria\'s plastic-bag ban in effect, shops get time to use up stock

by:Sengtor     2020-05-03
The new bag ban in Victoria began on Sunday, but don\'t expect the ubiquitous white plastic bags to suddenly disappear from all Victoria store checkout.
Merchants still have six months to run out of their existing single inventory.
Use plastic bags.
\"Sunday is the date when the charter is officially in effect, but there are two soft entry points related to how it works,\" said Fraser Walker, director of urban engineering.
\"The store can run out of any existing plastic bag stock they would have purchased before,\" he said . \".
\"So they can run out of some of the old bags in stock, but this will only last until the rest of 2018.
The second \"soft entry point\", he said, is that the city will not implement the charter until January.
\"We focus on adapting communities and businesses to new behavioral changes during this transition period, that is, we must consider and prepare to reuse your package, he said.
Nevertheless, change can be difficult.
\"I think you will see a lot of shops will open a dime and they will charge [the newspaper]bags]
There won\'t be any more plastic bags in their store and you\'ll see them right away, \"Work said.
Other stores may have quite a few plastic bags in stock and there will be no changes for a period of time.
According to the attached example, if the merchant charges a minimum of 15 cents per bag, they can provide a paper checkout bag (
Rose to 25 cents in July 1, 2019)
And reusable checkout bags for a minimum charge of $1 per bag (
Rising to $2 in 2019).
\"These prices are meant to show that any bag has a certain value, and we should think twice before wasting any type of bag,\" Work said . \".
Don\'t be surprised if the merchant offers a promotion that includes the package, but you may find that the package fee is listed item by item on the bill, which is the bylaw requirement.
There is no doubt that the customer will also notice on the till the main points of many purchase information that outlines the articles of association and, more importantly, who is behind them.
\"What is really important to the Enterprise [
This information includes]
\"If you have beef, who to look for,\" the staff said . \".
\"A key comment from the Chamber of Commerce has struck a strong chord with us in the city and we want to avoid debate at the end as to why this is happening.
\"While the city\'s initial focus was on education and awareness-raising, as of January law enforcement will begin and the city will impose fines on those who do not comply.
Individuals can be fined between $50 and $500 under the charter, while companies can be fined between $100 and $10,000.
Catherine Holt, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, was disappointed that the charter was not completed in the area, but that one municipality was moving alone, while the other 12 municipalities took a wait-and-see approach.
The Chamber of Commerce encourages any municipality that wants to follow suit to adopt the Victorian Charter.
\"What we are concerned about is that there are not 13 different bags that are pieced together to reduce the charter,\" she said . \".
\"What we \'ve seen is that some of the bigger members of our business in various cities are doing it on their own.
They say we have to do this throughout the operation.
It would be great as long as other cities do not adopt different articles of association.
\"While some have been making the transition for a long time, there will be some members who do not know about the new charter,\" she said.
Jeff Bray, executive director of Downtown Victoria Business Association, said there were a lot of issues with his membership when the bylaws were passed in January, but that seems to have turned into acceptance.
\"Our sense is that our members are generally aware of this and have made supply decisions about the inventory of bags they need.
This is our common sense, but as the date of July 1 passes, we will see what will happen.
The staff said: \"The necessity of the charter is obvious.
\"We do this to minimize waste in our community.
We do this in order to minimize the waste of plastic bags, which will soon become waste after one or several uses, we do this to take this waste from our waste containers from our waste logistics, from our beaches, from our parks, from our landfill sites.
Time colonists.
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