victoria ponders plastic-bags ban appeal, new rules

by:Sengtor     2020-05-03
Members of Victoria will decide whether to appeal in early September. C.
The court decided to overturn the city\'s rules and regulations prohibiting plastic bags.
On Thursday, members asked City Attorney Tom zwski to submit a report on the availability of an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
They also asked Fraser, director of engineering, to submit a report on what is required to develop a new comprehensive environmental protection rule that will regulate, prohibit and restrict single environmental protectionuse plastics.
The Victorian plastic bag ban, enacted in last July, was overturned this month after the Canadian plastic bag Association appealed on behalf of manufacturers and dealers of plastic shopping bags. The B. C.
The Court of Appeal held that the main purpose of the charter was to protect the natural environment, not to regulate business.
Therefore, the city should seek provincial approval for the charter
It\'s not doing things.
At the same time, the province is seeking feedback on how best to ban, reduce and recycle plastics --
This initiative is welcomed by local governments that have enacted or are considering plastic surgery --bag bans.
\"It\'s great,\" Victoria Mayor Lisa said when she announced it in the province.
\"Obviously they have something like this at work, but it\'s great to see them proactively address Single issuesuse packaging.
On Thursday, Helps issued a joint statement with the mayors of Tofino, squomesh and Roslan, saying they were eager to cooperate with the province, they want this to be sustainable, zero for local governments, our residents and businesses.
Waste the economy and the environment.
\"Our community has embraced the decline in singles with enthusiasm --
\"Plastic products are used,\" the mayor\'s statement said . \".
\"We have passed the charter or are doing so to ban single
Use plastic bags.
We did this because we were single.
Use plastic and other monomer
In solid waste management, there are huge problems and huge costs in the use of items, which is the responsibility of the local government.
The provincial announcement encourages B. C.
Residents fill out an online survey.
It plans to consult in four ways: no single
Use of packaging: determine which types of plastic packaging are completely eliminated, as well as any necessary exemptions.
Require manufacturers to be responsible for more plastic products and ensure more single products
Use items such as sandwich bags, straws and tableware for recycling to reduce single
Use plastic in landfill sites and waterways.
Expand deposits-
Refund system covering all beverage containers-
Milk and Milk includedsubstitutes —with a 10-
Refundable deposit.
First, support methods to prevent plastic waste and ensure that recycled plastics are effectively reused.
The federal government also announced plans to ban singles nationwide.
Plastic bags are used, but this is not expected to happen until 2021.
Time colonists.
To fill out the online survey, visit: clean bc.
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