vancouver grocery store tries to shame you out of using plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-28
The Vancouver grocery store hopes the embarrassing slogan is enough to encourage customers to bring their own luggage.
If you want a plastic bag at the independent grocery store stuff market, you may end up putting your groceries in a bag with the words \"Enter the strange adult video mall\" printed on it.
Or you might think twice about a plastic bag.
Wholesale Toews ointment \"or\" colon care company\"Op.
\"We redesigned our bags to prevent people from taking them,\" explains a video posted on store social media . \".
5 cents per plastic bag.
Bright and eye-catching designgrabbing —
Not as elegant as the New Yorker tote bag you always forget to bring to the grocery store.
East and West owners hope these silly slogans will not only stop people from taking plastic bags, they will also start a conversation around being singleuse plastics.
In addition to its embarrassing slogan, each bag also encourages customers to \"avoid shame\" and \"bring reusable bags \".
According to Greenpeace Canada, about three Canadians were born.
There are 25 million tons of plastic waste per year, equivalent to 140,000 garbage trucks.
Activities follow similar fun and ecology
Conscious efforts around the world.
When singles are banned in Western Australia
On 2018, the government issued an announcement,
Video encouraging customers after the event
Package the world to define what type of shoppers they are
\"Bagging\", \"Boxer\" or \"juggling \".
\"Many businesses and municipalities across Canada are actively phasing out the singleuse plastics.
Furniture giant IKEA (IKEA) has promised to do so by 2020, and A & W has stopped issuing plastic straws --
Made a very disgusting sculpture with their last one.
Victoria is one of the first cities to be completely banned from being single.
Use plastic bags.
Prince Edward Island has raised the cost of plastic bags to 25 cents and plans to ban them by 2020.
Last year, Vancouver announced plans to ban singles.
Plastic straw
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