uk\'s co-op strikes green plastic bag deal with italy\'s novamont - source

by:Sengtor     2020-03-14
MILAN (Reuters)-The Co-
British agent number six
A source said Monday that the largest grocery store has reached an agreement with Italian bio-plastic Group Novamont to replace traditional plastic bags in its stores with biodegradable plastic bags.
The British retailer plans to cancel about 60 million orders.
Use the bag of the store in the first phase, equivalent to 340 tons of plastic
Go out, the source said.
Sources added that the agreement is expected to replace 0. 18 billion plastic bags within three years. The Co-
Op did not comment immediately.
This is part of the cooperation.
The Op plans to reduce the use of plastic in the store and use more recycled plastic products.
As images of scattered oceans and beaches become commonplace, supermarkets are under increasing pressure to cut plastic use, which shocked consumers and shareholders.
Since October 2015, large retailers in the UK have been legally required to charge a single fee
The government says plastic bag sales at seven supermarkets in the UK have fallen by 86%.
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