u.k. retailer to charge for plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-27
One of the UK\'s largest retailers said it would start charging plastic bags in all stores as part of its efforts to eliminate waste.
Starting in May 6, food and clothing retailer Marks & Spencer said it would charge 5 p ($. 10 cents)
Every plastic bag.
Marks & Spencer said it hopes the charge will save 0. 28 billion packs a year, and the proceeds from the packages sold will go to an environmental charity called infrastructure.
Comments have been mixed so far.
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\"We should do more to protect the environment, and I think the cost of 5 p will encourage more people to recycle.
But at Martha\'s department store in Sutton Colfield, Birmingham, Vera Clare, 69, said, \"We felt like we were forced to pay for our luggage and we had no choice.
After more than a month, a bag will add 5 p.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the company said on Thursday it had tested the idea in Northern Ireland and southwest England and said it had reduced the use of bags by 70%.
Marks and Spencer will give free to all food customers
According to U. S. media reports, starting in early April, for a month. K.
Press Association.
The fee for 5 p will start on May 6.
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