Transparent packaging bag knowledge

by:Sengtor     2020-03-22
At present, there is strict standard management for packaging bag manufacturers, and there are also higher standard requirements for the thickness of packaging bags, which also imposes the standard requirements that packaging bags must comply with during production. Packaging Bags are mostly used for packaging clothing, product packaging and other purposes. On the basis of ensuring the appearance, they pay attention to quality and make it less prone to damage; The packaging bags are mostly used in supermarkets, restaurants and other places. The fabric is thinner than the packaging bag and is easily damaged. The transparent packaging bag is also one of them. We choose transparent and odorless non-toxic packaging bags, and should not use colorful bags to hold food. Since the transparent bag is made of new materials, the variegated ones are processed with recycled materials, and the quality is very different. Only by choosing qualified plastic bags can we better protect our health. Secondly, it is best not to use plastic bags for overheated food or soup, such as hot soybean milk, porridge, etc. The foundation of transparent plastic packaging bags commonly used in life is made of three materials. To understand the different properties of transparent plastic bags, we can purchase food plastic bags according to family needs, never think that all transparent bags are the same. So what is the difference between them? 1. High-density transparent plastic packaging bags are made of high-density polyethylene. This kind of plastic bag can not only resist high temperature, but also low temperature. Its high temperature resistance is a little worse than PP plastic bags, but it can be put directly into the refrigerator without worrying about breakage. 2, PP plastic bag is the most common, its nature is high temperature resistance, but not low temperature resistance. When the PP plastic bag is in contact with food with high temperature, it can still be kept from deformation, avoiding putting it into the refrigerator. 3. The low-density transparent packaging bag is made of low-density polyethylene, which is commonly used as vest bag. This kind of bag cannot resist high temperature and low temperature. It can only be used at normal temperature and cannot be used to hold hot food. Responsible editor:
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