time for supermarkets to recycle plastic bags?

by:Sengtor     2020-02-14
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Paper or Plastic?
Plastic bags are no longer a good choice in the United States
Launched in 1977-
According to the Progressive Bag Alliance representing plastic bag manufacturers, it accounts for 90% of all grocery bags.
Now, two City Council members concerned about the number of plastic bags entering New York City\'s waste logistics say supermarkets should be asked to play an active role in recycling plastic bags.
City Council Speaker Christine C.
Quinn and MP Peter F. Vallone Jr.
Today, I propose legislation to require the grocery store to collect, transport and recycle bags.
The bill will bring New York to the forefront of the campaign to limit the use of plastic bags.
As Peter Applebome pointed out in the town column in September, the United States experiences about 100 billion plastic bags a year.
California requires large supermarkets to set up a system for recycling plastic bags for customers.
Rhode Island cooperates with grocery stores to collect plastic bags for recycling.
Ireland has significantly reduced the use of plastic bags after taxing them.
Several countries
Including Bhutan and Bangladesh
San Francisco has banned Africa.
Completely biodegradable plastic bags.
The act requires each plastic bag to carry a printed message of at least 3 inch high, capital letters: \"Please return this bag to the participating store for recycling.
Supermarkets will be asked to place \"easy access\" bins for customers to drop their luggage and will also need to sell cloth or durable, reusable plastic bags.
Supermarkets will be required to record the weight of plastic bags they recall, transport and recycle and submit annual reports including this data to the sanitation department.
Starting from July 1, 2012, the sanitation department will be required to submit a report on the effectiveness of the project to the mayor and the City Council every two years.
The city bill will apply to stores over 5,000 square feet, so street corner grocery stores, bodegas and delis, which act as fixed facilities for city street views, will be largely exempt.
But the bill will apply to the vast majority of supermarket chains.
Food stores, Whole Foods, gristedes\' s, key foods and C-Town —
Many residents buy groceries there.
\"I don\'t want our Thanksgiving turkey wrapped around me next month --great-
Grandson stepping on in the park . \"
Varon, a Democrat in Queens, said in a telephone interview today. Mr.
Walon said he was \"always torn\" on whether to bring a plastic bag or paper bag \".
Paper consumes more energy than plastic to make and recycle, he said.
Mayor Michael R. is in Boston today.
Bloomberg has taken a stand on the bill.
\"We have to look at this bill,\" he said after receiving the award from Harvard School of Public Health.
\"It\'s clear that it\'s important to take the bags that blow from the street, but people need something to take their groceries home. ”Eric A.
Goldstein, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Conservation Commission, who supports the new bill, said the best solution would be to reuse cloth or canvas bags for your own groceries.
\"This is a smart first step in dealing with tricky issues,\" he said of the new bill . \".
\"Plastic bags have replaced previous paper in the last 30 years --
Supermarket takeaway bag monopolyhomes.
This is both an environmental and an economic issue for the city.
The cost of waste disposal in the city has increased significantly over the past decade.
When plastic bags are thrown away, they all help with waste logistics and are an important reason for garbage.
Council officials say Marcia bisterine, executive director of the New York union for the protection of voters, is also supporting the new bill.
The bill may makeQuinn —
A Manhattan Democrat considering a mayoral election in 2009
Inconsistent with John.
Catsimatidis, a wealthy supermarket tycoon who runs gristede\' s, recently changed its party registration from Democratic to Republican.
He is also considering running for mayor.
In today\'s telephone interview
Catsimatidis says the proposal is a bad idea.
\"Businesses in New York City have already taken on enough without additional burdens,\" he said . \".
\"About a week or so, we used about millions of bags.
I believe in recycling, but we have to solve it from the source.
The health department must modernize the trucks and be able to recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans and plastic.
\"In the attack on the Speaker,Catsimatidis —
Forbes estimates his net worth of $2. 1 billion —
Added, \"We have not been set up as a garbage disposal area for Christine Quinn.
He added, \"I\'m not sure if she\'s doing business in her life.
I have been doing business for 39 years as C. E. O. of a company. ” Mr.
Catsimatidis opposed a bill in Albany last year that will add 5-cent deposit.
Earlier this year, cloth bags with the slogan \"I\'m not a plastic bag\" became popular in fashion --conscious.
The designer of the bag said that their purpose was to allow people to avoid plastic bags and switch to reusable cloth.
Comments are no longer accepted. good idea!
Creatures about 20 years ago
Introduced the release bag, I think (
Wrong I guess)
They are commonly used now.
It\'s a shame that the industry has not simply standardized around biodegradable!
If this gives them a headache, it is appropriate to compensate them for their lack of vision.
I hope recycled plastic bags can be used to make gasoline or synthetic oil.
I think it would be more effective to charge a small fee per bag to reduce the number of plastic bags, which would be of great help to the city;
But provide cities
Extensive recycling of bags will also help.
Now, plastic bags are not recycled in New York.
Plastic bottles, of course!
But hundreds of small plastic bags that pile up recycled literature say they will be thrown into the trash can.
There is no point in this.
With the city\'s more comprehensive home recycling program, the burden does not have to be placed on businesses, and more items can be recycled rather than eventually thrown into the landfill in New Jersey.
In my opinion, it may be time to start over.
Visit the paper and plastic economics of grocery chain stores.
While paper bag manufacturing may require more energy, it seems to me that paper should degrade faster in the dump than plastic, when people think about time, the gropcery chain reports the labor costs involved in the recovery/disposal of data, and perhaps the real choice here is the paper.
I insist on paper every time I go to the store.
All major supermarket chains have to recycle plastic bags as they go through a lot of recycling every day/week/month/year.
However, consumers should also take extra responsibility for using reusable bags when shopping.
Some stores, such as Trader Joe\'s, offer only these types of reusable bags.
This is a very affordable option for 99 cents each.
I use them every time I shop.
This may not be as \"convenient\" as buying a new bag on a check\"
Go out every time, but see what these \"conveniences\" do to the environment and continue to do.
A little effort can go a long way.
Also, if the store starts to charge the consumer for luggage at the checkout counter as it does in Ireland (i believe . 10-. 25 cents each)
I guarantee that many frugal consumers will be motivated to find/use alternatives such as reusable bags I mentioned above.
The price of groceries will be higher, telling Christine Quinn to stick to gay issues and not to worry about business.
Why are zap retailers for an extra fee?
We know who ends up paying for them at a higher price.
What about a 2% discount for shoppers who use their own handbags, sports bags, backpacks or something to buy groceries ? \" Other stores can follow suit. Finally!
Plastic bags are destroying our environment, blocking landfill sites, and blocking our oceans.
Fantastic idea!
I followed a man to check out this morning.
He bought a roll of plastic kitchen garbage bags 300 tall.
When the bag merchant asks \"Paper or Plastic?
He responded. ” Go figure.
How about no plastic period.
Bring your bag or basket if you shop.
I live in Germany and there is no plastic in the shop.
If you want to put the goods in the car, or take them home, the store will provide the boxes left at the time of shipment.
There is also a deposit of 1 euro on the trolley.
You will get your euro back when you return the car.
There are no trolleys in the parking lot.
We-you still have a long way to go in teaching economic, environmental and social responsibility.
Canvas/mesh/reusable plastic bags are great, but it takes confidence to use them in the city.
You have to face the slow/rude cashiers who wrap you up before you notice it.
Rolling and confusing eyes seem to be considered a delivery response to \"I don\'t need a bag\" and get older quickly.
However, the more common it becomes to bring your own bag, the less common the reaction is.
Recycling must start somewhere;
The supermarket will not spend so much money.
They will complain, but kick them with the law.
As for Catsimatidis: Beware of turning politicians from Democrats to Republicans;
They just woke up one morning and felt it was time to get old and greedy.
Also, does he really think he will become mayor in a name that sounds like cat disease?
Plastic is not only the best of garbage in New York.
If farmers still don\'t understand that it won\'t recycle billions of dollars of agricultural land, try developing countries.
Gore is much more worried about the global economy. h)eating.
As a resident of San Francisco, I think I will invest 2 cents (
Sorry, the pun is not good but I can\'t help it).
My husband and I always use cloth bags, and it\'s strange that we don\'t see anyone else using them.
The bags were mostly bought by us at professional meetings, so we didn\'t have to buy them.
We leave them in the car so they are convenient.
If there is a situation where we end up with plastic bags and we use them as padding for the bathroom trash can.
Our credit is 3 to 4 cents/bag.
As for charging customers for bags . . . . . . The bag has been listed here, but advocates of the poor have become very angry and the offer has been abandoned.
I totally agree with Rachel\'s comments (13)
-Just yesterday, I tried to use my own bag on the fairway in the residential area.
The cashier picked up my bag with two fingers and made a terrible face.
You will think that my bag has some kind of disease!
I think charging 10 to 25 cents per plastic bag really changes peole\'s habits.
Also, when buying a book, you don\'t need a bag unless it rains.
On weekends, I use canvas bagels at the grocery store and on the farm near my house.
When I buy books or any other items that are easy to carry, I don\'t ask for a bag.
It is difficult to convey this message because the clerk is used to bagging every little thing.
We do have a long way to go.
My grocery store recycles plastic bags like many grocery stores in the Philadelphia area.
Attention, Please!
We have been using canvas bags for the past 15 years.
I believe there are many people like us.
10 cents per bag does not stop plastic users.
But if customers charge $1 per pack, they have the incentive to buy it againuse the bags.
If retailers take on the task of establishing recycling customer services, they will find ways to reduce the use of plastic bags (
Could be an example of Germany).
Many European supermarket chains sell their shopping bags.
Plastic, paper and cloth).
The price is high enough, next time you finally remember to bring one, only buy one if you really have.
Too much emphasis on what consumers are carrying.
When shopping, carrying a bag with you can help improve the environment and can\'t ask too much for consumers.
I prefer paper and choose it if possible.
But I have to ask. . .
Do you have any dogs?
When I used plastic bags to meet another requirement, none of my plastic bags were left idle and I could only pick up her garbage.
If not plastic, what are the feasible ways to perform this unpleasant but very necessary task? Great article!
It is a pleasure to see other cities take the lead in reducing waste of plastic bags.
I recently wrote a review article for my local newspaper called \"Say no plastic \'\"(Sept.
12. news Herald)about eco-
Plastic bags and measures that individuals can take to reduce the pollution of plastic bags.
For posters that write \"grocery prices will be higher\", tell Christine Quinn to stick to gay issues and not take care of the business community, \"I don\'t think he realized that plastic bags have increased the cost of our retail shopping, because companies pay up to $4 billion a year on plastic shopping bags.
By adding a surcharge to the bag, it changes the behavior of consumers, but by banning them, it changes the behavior of industry and consumers. Great story.
The New York City Council should continue to do a good job in its ecology. agenda. -
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