three brothers injured in fire at kandivali plastic bag factory

by:Sengtor     2020-02-17
A fire broke out at a plastic bag factory on Friday afternoon, injuring three brothers, one of whom was seriously injured.
Police registered a case against one of the brothers, who rented the space and allegedly operated the plant without taking the necessary fire safety precautions.
According to the Kandivali police, the fire occurred at about 2. m.
Radha enterprise, Adarsh Housing Association, Kandivali Lalji Pada, Friday (East).
Wajihuddin Khan, who runs similar factories in the compound, said, \"at the beginning of the fire, we were providing namaaz when three brothers were working inside.
As soon as we noticed the fire, about 10 people began trying to put it out until the fire brigade arrived at the scene.
According to the police, Brijmohan (45), Radhesham (35)
And Radhemohan Chowdhury (38)
Work in the factory.
The fire brigade sent two fire Pacers and a giant tanker, and the fire was under control half an hour later.
Brijmohan and Radhemohan were rushed to the Oscar hospital in Kandivali, where Brijmohan received ventilator support and has been burned 90% times.
Radhamohan is currently under treatment but is currently in stable condition and has sustained 25% burns.
Radheshyam was taken to he Shatabdi hospital in Kandivali, where he was treated for minor burns and discharged from hospital.
\"They did not take fire safety precautions and we have registered a case of injury and life-threatening injury to Radheshyam due to negligence under the Indian criminal code.
At the time of the fire, he was dealing with chemicals without taking any precautions.
\"The cause of the fire is under investigation,\" said senior police inspector Mukund Pawar . \".
Fire officials said that on the surface, some machines used for plastic bag death and printing may have warmed up, triggering a fire that spread across all the plastics in the factory.
Ankush Vyas, who owns the space, said, \"the brothers rented the space about 11 months ago.
They participated in the cutting, coloring and printing of plastic bags.
All necessary permissions are obtained.
Nitin Pawar, general manager of Oscar Hospital, said: \"Brijmohan is key.
He and Radhemohan are moving to intensive care.
Brijmohan will need about two to three weeks of treatment while we are still checking how deep Radhamohan\'s burns are.
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