these 13 towns are saying no to plastic bags as murphy weighs statewide tax

by:Sengtor     2020-02-08
Michael Sol Warren | senior Media in New Jersey.
Michael Sol Warren | senior Media in New Jersey.
At the end of the last legislative session, Trenton quickly passed a bill that placed costs on the single person
Use shopping bags on Gov.
Phil Murphy\'s table.
But towns in the state of sommagaddon did not wait for the governor to take action.
Communities across the state, though mostly coastal, either ban plastic bags or charge plastic bags and other singles --use items. Even if Gov.
Murphy signed a bill to establish a community of fees across the state, and there will be stricter rules.
There are 13 New Jersey towns and counties where plastic bags, straws, forks and foam plastic containers are avoided in some cases.
Regulatory type local regulations apply to businesses, from a total ban on single
Charge for plastic bags.
Some towns also go beyond bags: New regulations target plastic straws, plastic utensils and foam plastic food containers.
Located in Monmouth County, Monmouth Beach is a small borough of Monmouth Beach, praised by environmental groups for its adoption of the most stringent plastic regulations in New Jersey.
Plastic bags, plastic straws and polystyrene are banned in the community (like Styrofoam)Food containers;
The regulation entered into force on June 1.
The municipality\'s regulations include a fine of up to 2,400 yuan.
Jersey City has banned singles-
Plastic bags were used after a decree was passed in June.
The unanimous ban will come into effect next summer.
Retailers who violate the new rules can reach up to $100 per violation.
Hoboken is almost in step with Jersey City, banning single
The use of plastic bags also unanimously passed the ban in June.
This winter, Hoboken\'s bank came into effect;
Once implemented, violators will face a fine of up to $500.
Andrew Mills | senior Media in New Jersey.
ComLong BeachLong Beach\'s ban on plastic bags came into effect in May.
According to a patch report, the Long Beach regulations made an exemption for the bait store.
Spencer Kent, senior media, New Jersey
ComBelmarBelmar\'s ban on plastic bags will come into effect next spring, which has been passed.
The company caught distributing singles
Plastic bags can be fined up to $2,500 for each violation and up to $10,000.
According to TAPintoreport, the regulation is supported by the Belmar business community.
Andrew Mills | senior Media in New Jersey.
Since the autonomous city regulations came into effect on May 15, plastic bags on comPoint pleasant beach have been banned from use on Point Pleasant Beach.
Andrew Mills | senior Media in New Jersey.
ComHarvey Cedar is the smallest community on this list, and according to media reports in Atlantic City, Harvey Cedar banned plastic bagstook from affecting only 22 businesses.
Stafford TownshipLocal has 120 days to change from single
According to a report from TAPinto, after the ban on plastic bags in Stafford town on July, bags are used to reusable bags. Lori M.
Nichols | New Jersey
ComLongportIn 2015, Longport became the first single town in New Jersey to regulate
Use shopping bags.
Longport\'s system is a hybrid system: the enterprise is prohibited from distributing plastic bags, but if the customer asks for a bag then the enterprise can be 10-cent fee.
The past five years
The penny of plastic bags in July 2017.
Business owners who violate the regulations can be fined up to $2,000 for every violation of a regulation, and even face 90 days in prison.
However, the tienek ordinance, which was originally scheduled to take effect on July 6, is currently waiting to see what government is in the town of holdazs.
Murphy accepted a statewide bill for fees. Lori M.
Nichols | New Jersey
Ventnor passed a decree that
Cents per plastic bag.
Companies that violate the new regulations can be fined up to $100 per violation.
This charging rule will take effect on October.
Tim Hawk, New Jersey
On August 7, comStone HarborDown in Cape Town, Port Shi passed a decree prohibiting the use of plastic bags, plastic vessels and plastic containers.
The ban will take effect on June 1, 2019.
Violators can be fined up to $500.
Bradley Beach final, Bradley Beach Bill ban single
Place five using plastic bags-
Single cents
Paper bags were used in July 24.
The new regulations will take effect from October 1.
The Atlantic County ban on the use of plastic bags and plastic straws in county parks came into effect on August 13.
Only warnings were issued in the first year;
Penalties for violations can be imposed after a fine of more than $500.
This is the only county in 21 counties in New Jersey to create a county.
Wide plastic regulations.
The soon-to-be-introduced rules more communities may soon be on the list as they try to enact strict plastic regulations before the statewide rules come into effect.
These towns may create the latest ban in New Jersey.
Taylor thiamoyo Harris | senior Media in New Jersey.
ComAvalonAvalon seems to be an example of a Stone Harbor.
The municipality is considering a ban on the use of plastic bags, plastic vessels and plastic containers.
The ban came out on August 8 and is scheduled for a final vote on Wednesday.
If approved, the Avalon regulations will enter into force on June 1, 2019.
File photo is considering banning the use of plastic bags and plastic straws.
The regulation was introduced in July and is scheduled for a final vote on Wednesday.
Governor, what is the next step in the state now?
Murphy continues to think across the state.
Wallet fee method.
His office did not say how the governor saw the legislation.
At the same time, the environmental group called on Murphy to conditionally veto the bill and make changes to strengthen the environmental benefits of the bill.
Some, like the Sierra Club, support a direct veto, so that the governor can support the stricter bill proposed by State Senator Bob Smith, which completely prohibits singles
Use plastic bags, plastic straws and plastic containers.
Republicans have also introduced legislation as an alternative to a bill for fees.
MP Kevin Rooney introduced a bill at the end of July that will create a statewide recycling plan for plastic bags, wrapping paper and film.
Any other community that is considering plastic regulations, please let us know!
Find out more about plastic bags: if Murphy signs this bill, be prepared to pay a five-cent coin for each shopping bag. C.
The cost of plastic bags is enough when it is taxed: 5-
The money for the plastic bag that goes to the trash canJ.
Environmental activists want soMichael Sol Warren to reach the ATM Warren @ njadvancemedia. com.
Follow him on Twitter @ MSolDub. FindNJ. Com on Facebook
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