there are no uniform standards for recycling shopping bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-06
After the implementation of the plastic limit, the traditional rope binding appeared again in the market.
Even the food basket was reintegrated into our lives.
But apparently, this lightweight, stylish, practical, recyclable bag is favored by consumers.
Self-made shopping bags, woven bags, non-woven bags, nylon bags began to enter the market.
These bright bags on the market, there are some quality problems that can not be ignored.
A variety of reusable shopping bags are gradually replacing ordinary disposable plastic bags and becoming a new shopping fashion.
All kinds of bags are full of flowers, not only consumers are dazzling, but operators do not know many styles of bags in quality and specifications, and there are no relevant regulations.
Many consumers only pay attention to style or price when buying bags, and know nothing about the quality of bags and the materials used.
At present, China has not made appropriate regulations on the specifications and standards of environmental shopping bags, and I have not received policy notices.
The plastic restriction regulations promulgated by China are not allowed to be used at will, not less than 0.
The thickness is 025mm, but various reusable shopping bags are not produced as required by this rule to replace plastic shopping bags.
Supermarkets take full account of ecology when purchasing reusable shopping bags
Reusable shopping bags.
Size, thickness, load of bag
In the strict screening process, the convenience of carrying, guiding and supporting ensures that the shelf quality of the bag is guaranteed.
Many consumers buy these bags, mainly focusing on its style and price, but they rarely know about some external conditions, such as material, size, carrying weight, etc.
According to supermarket staff, most of the large bags sold in supermarkets come from manufacturers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other provinces.
Consumers on the market demand for shopping bags many shopping bags do not indicate the manufacturer, origin label, these shopping bags are rough, the quality is questionable.
People can often get a variety
Woven rept bags provided by merchants.
After washing several times, the bag began to have quality problems.
Thicker bags can be used several times and thinner bags cannot be used
Woven bags cannot be used more than three times.
Many bag manufacturers are vague about the life of bags.
They are not very clear about the life of the bag.
Because bags are becoming more and more popular, many businesses will print advertisements on the bags.
The company and the research unit require the company name or advertising slogan to be printed on it.
Some directly list the business situation and business types on both sides of the package.
There are more and more products that can replace plastic shopping bags.
The most popular behavior now is not to carry a basket, but to use a variety of stylish and beautiful recycled shopping bags.
Whether the bags are homemade or bought in the store, what consumers really care about is durability and reuse.
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