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The world of pets:

The world of pets:


Everyone who keeps pets,

There is an unknown story between both and pets.

Or the clouds are light and the wind is light, or unforgettable.

No matter what the reason,

It comes to us to accompany us, rain or shine.

If people have a soft place in their hearts,

Then there must be a small animal in this place.

We are not so much carers of pets,

It's better to say that pets are our harbor.

When lonely and lost,

When I am at a loss and helpless.

It will unconditionally,

Accept and accompany us.

We learned from pets,

Happiness is warmth,

And soft things.

It may be there,

It's just one of your pets.

But you are its life,


A world without pets,

What will become,

People will continue to live.

But there should be less tenderness,

Everyone strives to be a civilized pet owner.

Take care of our pets,

Like caring for our family.

Take care of our natural environment.

Civilized pet,

Do not cause trouble to others.

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