the secret to keeping veggies fresh

by:Sengtor     2020-04-21
You know, when your refrigerator is filled with so many vegetables that you have little room for other groceries, you are in this world.
After all, most vegetables are vegetables. ™Food-
This means that you can eat snacks on carrot sticks or a hearty vegetable soup without touching your Smart Spot®Budget.
It makes sense to keep choosing fiber-
Rich filling products on hand.
That said, there is nothing that destroys salads or sandwiches faster than wet spinach or mealy tomatoes, which is why experts strongly recommend taking the time to properly store these foods. (
Side note: to toss the past-its-
The main produce is a huge waste of food and money. )
Although some vegetables, such as potatoes, should be stored on the countertop or in the pantry, most vegetables can be placed directly into the refrigerator.
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The last step in the salad center that won\'t make you hungry is to keep these vegetables cold, but don\'t be too cold.
\"Just Right\" temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Julie Garden said that if you are a little lower, it is possible for you to freeze the produce
Robinson, PhD, RD, food and nutrition specialist at North Dakota State University.
In order to prevent the vegetables from becoming dry, soft, wrinkled and soft, the environment should also be kept damp.
You can put the vegetables in a damp place.
Glue bag (sealed or open)
Or in a damp fresh-keeping box (
Usually a large drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator)—
Or do it twice.
The next time you rearrange the refrigerator to make room for your produce transportation, keep fruits such as apples and pears away from vegetables as much as possible.
\"When they mature, these fruits release ethylene gas, which may cause the nearby vegetables to turn yellow and deteriorate,\" Garden said . \"Robinson.
Then use these tips to determine how best to store some of the most popular vegetables
And how long you can expect them to last in the fridge.
How to put the head of broccoli in a ventilated bag (
For example, a perforated or open plastic bag in the upper left corner)
In the fridge.
Store them for three to five days and place the whole carrot in a ventilated bag with a wet paper towel, which prevents the vegetables from drying.
Put little carrots in the bag they came in.
How long can the whole carrot last: two to three weeks;
Baby carrot: about a month. (
The white color on the little carrots is a sign of their loss of moisture.
It\'s safe to eat.
Just put the stick in the water for a few minutes to replenish the water for it. )
How to wrap the cauliflower in a damp paper towel and put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
Storing cucumbers in a ventilated bag takes three to five days to refrigerate.
Store them in a clean plastic bag and absorb any excess moisture with a few paper towels, which can cause moisture.
Then put box drawer in.
They last for three to five days to store them, and yes, technically, it\'s a fruit . . . . . . However, the whole tomato, including the baby tomato and the tomato on the vine
They lose hardness and flavor when frozen).
Once you slice them, store the tomatoes (
And other cut vegetables)
In a closed container in the refrigerator.
\"This can prevent them from drying and absorb the taste of other foods,\" Garden said . \"Robinson.
How long can their whole tomato last: five to seven days outside the refrigerator;
Tomato slices: two to three days in the refrigerator.
If there are ventilation holes in the container they come in, you can put the mushrooms inside.
If not, put it in a paper bag and refrigerate it. (
FYI, mushrooms placed in plastic bags will become sticky. )
They last for three to seven days to store onions and put them on the shelves of the pantry or any dry place.
If they are stored in the refrigerator, or on the other side, in a warm place (
For example, near the dishwasher or stove)
They break faster.
However, once cut, you should put the onion in the air in the refrigeratorTight container
How long can the whole onion last: at least one month;
Cut onion: a week or less.
How to store vegetables in a refrigerator-no bag needed.
They last four days to two weeks of presentation, like cucumbers, and you can put zucchini in plastic bags in the fridge.
If you forget to run out of a pile of lettuce or cauliflower heads in time, it will last for three to five days (Hey, it happened)
, Check the color, texture and aroma of the food to determine if it is edible.
If you just see some wrinkles on vegetables like carrots, celery stems or peppers, keep them.
These can still be used for soups and other cooked food.
But if the item is sticky, discolored, smells, or-gag! —
The garden said, you found the mold and threw it. Robinson.
Not worth sick leave.
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