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by:Sengtor     2020-04-18
Usually, when we talk about plastic, the first thing that comes to mind istime, use-and-
Throw a handy handbag when buying a day-to-
Daily necessities and other necessities.
Of course, this plastic bag is a threat that releases cancer when it burns
There are carcinogens in the air.
In addition, they do not allow rain to penetrate into the soil and block plants and aquatic animals in the water body.
But these handbags are just one element of \"polluting plastic.
\"Turn off the faucet by yourself in the manufacturing stage\"
Layered plastic, such as wrapping paper used to keep food fresh for a long time, accounts for 60%-
70% of the plastic entering the municipal landfill.
However, the state government banned the use of plastic from January 1, 2019, but did not include such plastic that could not be recycled and could only be burned.
The state\'s association of plastic manufacturers requires more
Layered plastic will also be banned from single plastic coverageuse plastics.
They pointed out certain gaps in what they said were proposed bans and urged the state government to take into account the previouspacked, multi-
Layered plastic.
The ecologist Sultan Ahmed Ismail said that in terms of recyclable plastics, items such as milk bags and broken barrels often go into post-processing units because people prefer to sell them for money.
\"However, this did not happen in the case of soft drinks and mineral water bottles.
Although soft drinks companies make sure buyers also pay for recycling, they do not follow up.
There are recycling marks on the labels of most bottles, [the notion of]
This is how social responsibility ends.
The plastic straws and cutlery we get along with the take-out food and food on the plane are also headaches, as it seems that no one wants them [for recycling].
An appropriate system of isolation, collection and recycling must be established to ensure that the collected materials do not end up in a landfill or water body, \"Dr. Ismail adds. Around 6%-
Of the municipal solid waste dumped in the landfill area, 7% is plastic, 60%-
70% of them are moreLayered plastic.
Municipal Administrative Committee (CMA)
Claiming it collected this non-
Recyclable plastics, together with other items such as footwear, old clothes, furniture, etc. , are sent to the cement plant to burn at high temperatures in the kiln.
The cement plant has been asking the materials sent to them to be provided in a lower moisture content and in a more compact way.
These companies have established contacts with nearby municipalities to supply such non-
The CMA source explained that recyclable waste.
However, the manufacturer said that it would not work alone because
The use of plastic, the government notice mainly refers to plastic bags, single bags
Use plastic wrapping paper and cups.
They want more producers and users.
Layered plasticFMCG (fast-
Mobile Consumer goods)companies —
Also trapped.
Spokesman for Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufacturers Association
Swaminkle said the need to find ropes among producers and users of multiple websites
In the beginning it was layered plastic.
\"Extended producer responsibility needs to be implemented.
These FMCG companies should invest in technologies that can be used to reuse or recycle these bags.
As a plastic manufacturer, we are willing to set up a processing factory for recycling ordinary bags that can be processed.
We cannot introduce a collection system;
To that end, we need the help of the government.
However, more scientific solutions are needed.
Layered plastic.
They can\'t be burned in a long time. run.
\"India itself has technology in this area,\" he added . \". [
According to data from the Economic Cooperation Organization
Extended producer responsibility (operation and Development)EPR)
Is a policy approach under which the producer has a significant responsibility in dealing with or disposing of after-sales services-financial and/or physical
Consumer goods. ]
Former member secretary of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Committee
Karthikeyan said that if the ban is successful, a plastic recycling park should be established, just like a park in Japan.
He said: \"They are producing urea, cast iron, oil from plastics, and also dehydrated plastics in a centralized plastic waste facility to produce 2,500 hectares of HCL and hydrocarbons, \"similar to e-is added-
Waste that is implementing an EPR, although small in size, for fast-
Mobile consumer goods.
Same dealer-wholesaler-online livelihood
Plastic wrapping paper should be collected using retailer chains. “Household-
Local institutions must adhere to the level of isolation so that waste can be delivered to the correct recycling center . \"
Karthikeyan added. G.
Sankaran, chairman of the Tamil Nadu punchry Plastics Association, said a full ban on plastics would mean death in the industry, where the livelihood of five lakh people depends.
\"The state\'s plastics industry has hired two lakh people directly and indirectly three other lakh people.
Most of these units are small. and medium-
Enterprises of scale that already bear loans.
If our goods are banned, carrying bags from neighboring countries will flood the market.
In addition, alternatives to food packaging and handbags must be goodthought-
\"Before the ban is imposed,\" he said . \".
Explain why more
Layered plastic can\'t be recycled, he says.
As the term implies
Made of plastic with different layers and printed on topmost layer.
\"These materials are melted at different temperatures and cannot be separated until re-processed, which will only make them suitable for re-filling the land or burning,\" Mr.
Sankaran explained. G.
Sundar Rajan of environmental group Poovulagin Nanbargal said the ban would not work if a ban was imposed on only one type of plastic.
\"It should be a comprehensive ban, and one department is no exception.
The FMCG industry should offer an alternative to multiple products
\"Layered plastic has become a social evil,\" he said . \".
At the same time, hotels and snack bars are also looking for alternatives to plastic packaging materials.
Recently, the restaurant announced a 5% bill discount for customers who bring their own tableware.
Many people choose aluminum foil that is not covered by the ban.
An industry observer said it used containers made of sugar cane or corn starch instead of plastic handbags.
\"Corn starch
If placed on the soil, the bag-based becomes compost within 180 days, leaving no residue.
The bag has been tested by CIET (
Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Technology)
It was approved by the Central Pollution Control Commission.
Order of the government of Tamil Nadu prohibiting the use of plastic licenses [the use of]such bags.
After the announcement, many companies showed interest in alternatives, \"said Vasundhara Menon, a Truegreen Compostable bag distributor in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Sources from the environmental department say they are working on alternatives to plastic.
\"Paper bags or cloth bags can be used.
They don\'t pollute the environment and help reduce our carbon footprint.
The plastics ban Steering Committee recently met and they also discussed how to help the plastics industry.
The government will ensure that the industry is not affected because many people will lose their jobs. otherwise]
A department official said.
Some cities have issued notices to FMCG companies asking them to take steps to reduce usage
Layered plastic.
\"The plastic ban is only the first step.
We will include other types of contaminants, including morelayer [plastics]
The official added: \"It is carried out in stages.
Some leaders in the FMCG industry are already considering ways to solve this problem. C. K.
Rangangol, chairman and general manager of fast moving consumer goods group CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.
He said, \"We are [on this]
Working closely with the government through the Indian Federation of Industry (CII).
Anrutan Health Care Co. , Ltd.
Just a few years ago, the company moved from the main manufacture of glass bottles to the manufacture of plastics, and is working with various plastic manufacturers to introduce recyclable plastics.
S. , chairman and general manager of the company, said: \"We are promoting recyclable plastics . \"Sambhu Prasad.
Environmental activists, however, say regulations must be put in place instead of allowing these groups to act on their own.
The rules should not place hope on their commitment to society, but should control which packaging materials can be used. (
Clear Sangeetha Kandavel)
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