that plastic bag is going to cost you, n.j. bill says -

by:Sengtor     2020-03-01
Plastic bags BansA State Council on Thursday approved a bill requiring retailers to charge 5 cents for each plastic bag used by customers. (
AP photo | Jacquelyn Martin)TRENTON --
According to a bill approved by the State Council committee on Thursday, customers will be required to pay 5 cents for each plastic or paper bag they use to buy.
Earlier versions of the act (A3671)
The call to ban the use of plastic bags by 2025, but the sponsor gave up the idea.
Since 2008, the national legislature, including in 2012, has been considering efforts to curb the use of plastic bags, albeit at a standstill every time.
According to the National Conference of the State Council, only California has issued a ban on plastic bags nationwide.
Because every county has adopted this policy, Hawaii has in fact imposed a state ban.
If the bill is signed into law, retail operators in New Jersey will start charging 5-
Cents per order
Use the carr package in June 1, 2017.
The store will keep a penny and the national tax department will also keep a penny to manage the project.
The remaining 3 cents will be used to create a \"lead emission reduction fund for health schools and communities\" to support testing of water supply for families and schools --
A major cause of national concern.
Under the Act, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will also be responsible for leading a public awareness campaign to encourage the use of cloth and other reusable bags.
Grace Spencer, chairman of the Assembly environment and solid waste committee, said: \"Plastic bags are the root cause of many environmental problems . \" (D-Essex)
And the main sponsors of the act.
\"These bags are washed off our waterways and are harmful to marine life and can even pollute the air when the landfill is burned.
With this legislation, we can encourage more shops to make eco-friendly choices about shopping bags.
\"The fee does not apply to people aged 65 and over and is low
Income earners who participate in supplementary nutrition assistance programs, Women, Infants and Children\'s Special supplementary nutrition programs (also known as WIC) or work first New Jersey public aid programs.
The bill is aimed at large chain retailers.
The Act defines \"shops\" as pharmacies, supermarkets, or retail establishments, with more than 2,000 square feet of retail space, or part of a chain store with at least 10 locations, \"Due to the sale of products, the chain offers pick-up packages to customers.
\"A 2013 poll showed 56 of New Jersey residents opposed the plastic bag tax.
Jeff tittle, director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, called the bill \"one-
Two punches in the environment-
Get rid of plastic and paper bags and help us get out of school and community.
\"On May 5, New York City passed a 5-
The US tax on plastic bags began in October. 1. Susan K.
Livio slivio @ njadvancemedia may be reached. com.
Follow her microblog @ SusanKLivio. Find NJ.
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