taxing plastic shopping bags not the answer

by:Sengtor     2020-05-07
Plastic shopping bags can\'t be the scapegoat for the garbage disaster in Toronto.
The new chair of the Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Commission declared war on plastic shopping bags as it moved Toronto\'s solid waste from landfill by 2010.
He has indicated that he intends to tax them.
It could be a war, but it\'s a fake war where the losers will be consumers, retailers, downtown Toronto, and even the environment. Why?
First of all, plastic shopping bags are not a problem.
They are a small part of Toronto\'s waste logistics.
In fact, if every bag used in Canada is landfill, then it will account for less than 1 of residential solid waste.
So when you have a 70 point transfer target, it\'s hard to see how the attack pack will help you.
What about the other 69% of waste logistics?
This is meaningless.
There are many other legitimate goals that deserve the attention of Toronto that will make a difference.
Second, it is not feasible to tax plastic bags.
This is a bad public policy.
Experience around the world has shown that taxing plastic bags can have some negative unintended consequences, damaging consumers, retailers and even the environment.
Not only did these taxes not promote sensible use, but they also led to a significant increase in the amount of plastic and paper entering the landfill.
In Ireland, for example, consumers react to \"plastax\" and instead use other types of non-taxable bags, especially the heavier plastic \"kitchen catcher\" bags, to carry groceries.
Although the amount of luggage distributed on the check was reduced by 90
Sales of these heavier plastic bags increased by 400, and the total amount of plastic resin used in Ireland actually increased.
After lawmakers spent two years reviewing experts\' testimony on the issue, Britain, Italy and the European Union all rejected the tax package.
A bag last fall
The tax proposal was rejected at the annual meeting of the Canadian municipal federation and withdrawn before the vote of the BC municipal federation, because the bill would obviously fail.
People have forgotten why these packages were launched in the first place.
Light weight, cheap price, waterproof, hygienic, high reuse rate, low plastic shopping bag may be the best choice for transporting groceries.
Advances in technology also mean that these bags are highly recyclable and can be re-made into new bags or plastic wood products such as siding, decks, and outdoor furniture in the current $2 billion market
Ontario strongly opposes the tax on plastic bags.
According to a recent Decima poll, the close population said they would not support the move.
Polls also found that 9 out of 10 people wanted to recycle their plastic bags.
What the public says is, \"we don\'t want to be taxed;
We want to use smart solutions.
We have these;
Solution based on sound environmental principles and full life cycle analysis of bags.
It\'s all about wise use and three rs.
\"Retailers have provided consumers with a wide range of options-reusable bags, purchased bags --a-
Bag procedure, bin, stickiness and inside for large itemsstore, take-back-to-Retail projects.
The challenge we face is to expand.
Background program for Ontario package.
A & P, Loeb and Safeway are the three leading progressive retailers in the provinceback-to-
Retail recycling program.
Take it successfully-
B. A background network has been established. C.
Over the years, Atlantic Canada has offered consumers another convenient way to recycle bags.
As an industry dedicated to product management, we have been working with municipalities to raise public awareness and promote recycling and smart use.
We even developed a website, www. myplasticbags.
This shows consumers how and where to recycle their bags.
We must admit that we are very confused about the city\'s recent position on bags as it is ready to recycle plastic bags through next year\'s Blue Box project.
We can only hope that the waste transfer decisions made by cities are based on good scientific and practical work.
Because if Toronto continues its war on bags, it is a war that no one will win.
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