taking aim at all those plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-18
2007 paper or plastic?
San Francisco gave the answer to the question last week. Paper is fine.
But not plastic.
Unless it\'s biodegradable. By a 10-
1. voting by the Supervisory Committee, San Francisco became the first non-use ban in the United States
Biodegradable plastic bags produced by supermarkets, pharmacies and other large retailers. The paper-or-
The plastic problem has long been an annoying problem.
Of course, paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable and are made from renewable resource trees.
However, the production of paper bags will produce more air and water pollution;
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it takes more energy to make and recycle them than their plastic watch brothers.
Paper bags also occupy relatively more space in the landfill, where they degrade slowly, just like most things in the landfill.
A study by the American Forest and Paper Association estimated that about 7 billion paper bags were used in the United States in 2003.
On the other hand, plastic bags made of polyethylene, which occupy the dominant position in the market, are
Both oil and natural gas are non-renewable resources and biodegradable.
They can be recycled but are mostly discarded.
E-Commerce AdvertisingP. A.
It is estimated that only 5.
In 2005, 2% of plastic bags and bags in urban waste logistics were recycled, compared with 21% of paper bags and bags.
There are also horror stories about animals swallowing them and starving to death.
Since the plastic bag was put on the check for the first time, it has actually taken over the grocery market
It stood out in 1977.
According to the industry group \"progressive bags alliance\" of plastic bag manufacturers, 90% of grocery bags are now plastic.
The number of plastic bags used around the world varies greatly every year --
From 100 billion to 1 trillion.
No matter what the number is, it\'s a lot.
This has caused a lot of plastic bag garbage. which, the E. P. A.
It could take 1,000 years to break down, said.
One reason plastic bags are rich is economic.
According to the plastics industry, the production cost of a standard plastic grocery bag is about 1 penny, while the cost of paper bags is 4 cents to 5 cents.
The industry says the price of plastic bags that can be packaged will range from 8 cents to 1 cent, although supporters of the San Francisco operation say costs will fall as more local governments demand them.
Several countries have solved the problem in other ways.
California now requires large supermarkets to set up a system for customers to recycle plastic bags.
Rhode Island cooperates with grocery stores to collect plastic bags for recycling.
According to the Irish government, Ireland has reduced the use of plastic bags by 90% due to taxes.
Some countries, including Bangladesh and Bhutan, have taken further measures to ban them.
Ikea (Ikea), a Swedish household goods and accessories chain, has just begun charging customers in the United States 5 cents per plastic bag, and the company has donated money to the US Forest protection organization.
On average, its stores in the United States cost £ 70 million a year.
Ikea said that in the UK, the use of plastic bags has dropped by 95% since it began charging plastic bags last spring.
Another option is to sell reusable bags to consumers.
\"The problem with paper and plastic has freed us from the problem of consumption,\" Vincent Cobb said . \" He provides reusable bags and containers on the Internet.
He admits to using plastic bags, which he calls \"amazing products\", but not as much as in the past.
Advertising, he said, \"develops the habit of bringing your own shopping bag\" to solve the problem in an all-round way.
\"A version of this article appears on the WK2 page of The New York edition with the title: aim at all these plastic bags.
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