take a bite of this shopping bag made of veggies

by:Sengtor     2020-05-02
EnviGreen bagI believes in creating a win-win situationwin situation.
When I go to the grocery store nearby, I always bring a non
Take my plastic/clothing bag-
So the owner can save some money on the plastic bag he gave me for free, and I extend the life of the planet I live on.
But not everyone follows this habit.
Although human beings have long been aware of the harm of plastic and the harm it may cause to the environment, the use of plastic is on the rise worldwide.
Plastic is double
Sword, in a negative way: pollute the air when burning, and make the soil barren when discarded, thus increasing the speed of global warming.
No wonder plastic is banned in many developed cities around the world.
However, with young innovators coming up with alternatives to plastic materials, there is still a glimmer of hope for environmental green founder Ashwath herder.
The future of our planet is in the hands of people like La Jago Pallan vasudwan, a professor of chemistry, A young entrepreneur who has laid 5,000 km kilometers of roads with plastic waste has found a way to turn sugar cane into a creature
Biodegradable tableware.
It was another young genius who came up with a biodegradable plastic bag replacement.
Affordable and eco-friendly
Friendly material, this bag does not cause damage even if someone mistakenly sucks it.
Ashwath head, 25year-old Mangalore-born Qatar-
NRI-based entrepreneurs are on a mission to remove plastic bags from the Earth.
His startupEnviGreen makes the ecology
Friendly bags using natural starch and vegetable oil derivatives
From potato, cassava, corn, natural starch, banana, flower oil, etc.
The good thing about this bag is that it does not contain any chemicals.
\"This is not at all.
Hegde told e27.
\"Even the paint used for printing on the bag is natural and organic.
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The road ahead of you is your own.
According to Hegde, its package is not
Toxic to the environment, animals and plants.
In addition, the bag has the characteristic of electric loss, which is beneficial to electronic packaging.
In addition, it softens in normal water and dissolves in hot water.
Another outstanding feature is that when placing hot iron on a small piece of ambient Green film, it will neither melt nor stick to the hot iron surface.
When an eco-friendly film is burned, it does not melt, drip or release any toxic smoke.
Hegde claims that EnviGreen helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuels because traditional plastic bags are made by non-
Renewable, fossilbased oil.
Traditional plastic has no economic value, which is why it is difficult to recycle effectively, and it is not
Biodegradable waste
As for the price, although the EnviGreen bag is about 35 cents more expensive than the plastic bag, it is 500 more expensive than the bag.
Generally speaking, if the price of the plastic bag is INR 2, then the price of the EnviGreen plastic bag is INR 3.
The startup currently imports raw materials from other countries.
It now plans to get raw materials from farmers in rural Karnataka.
\"We plan to distribute seeds so farmers can produce a lot of material,\" he added . \".
EnviGreen can produce 1,000 metric tons of bags every month.
Hegde said EnviGreenis was questioned from large retailers such as Reliance in India and foreign companies.
EnviGreen packages are already available in Qatar and Abu Dhabi markets, but have not yet entered the Indian market.
In India, sales will begin in next January, Mr. Hague said.
EnviGreen also has an office in Doha, Qatar, and plans to open more offices as the company develops.
EnviGreen currently employs nearly 60 employees in two offices.
Hegde said: \"When we do not handle our waste properly, we are at serious risk.
Improper disposal methods such as incorrect dumping sites or incineration of waste are the main causes of air pollution.
At present, one person is directly related to air pollution in every 8 deaths worldwide, and air pollution will only be aggravated by our improper disposal habits.
\"Since EnviGreen products are made of natural, biodegradable materials, it is completely safe for any biological consumption.
Finally, a product that does not leak toxic chemicals when it breaks down in the animal\'s stomach when it is eaten, \"he said in the post plastic,\" It touches almost what we live in.
There is no doubt that this is a threat to the Earth.
According to a Telegram article from last year, plastic is an iconic symbol of waste
It is not good for wildlife to clean up, use limited natural resources and take years to break down.
Unless we find an economical environment.
Our factory is a friendly alternative to plastic and there is no chance in the long run.
I hope people like Hegde can make a difference. —
Image source: EnviGreenThe post first appeared on e27 this shopping bag made of vegetables.
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