taiwanese teens are now rocking 7-eleven plastic bags as clothes

by:Sengtor     2020-04-27
A new fashion trend is emerging in Taiwan.
It\'s rubbish. Literally.
As the Daily Mail notes, many Taiwanese men and women have been undressing for the convenience of plastic bags in stores --
The most popular 7-Eleven.
We don\'t know why.
The thin, thin plastic looks too impractical and risky.
However, despite the obvious shortcomings, many people have proudly displayed this image on social media.
No one will be surprised, the rest of the world doesn\'t feel it:> the trend for women to wear only plastic bags you\'re kidding, so it\'s a trend to wear plastic bags now. Some people give some clothes to these teenagers.
People take selfies in plastic bags, which they get when shopping.
Is this a new trend? Seriously? WTF?
Some people speculate that this fashion is made by the Holy.
The new generation of George, an Australian fashion group, wore plastic bags on their heads to send models off the runway.
Others believe that this trend is a statement about the industry\'s waste problem, which is a bit far-fetched, but anything is possible now.
Similarly, we are not sure what causes it.
We hope this will not become popular in the United States.
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