supermarkets say no to plastic bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-05-02
Supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have rejected plans to ban the use of plastic bags at Illawarra stores.
Retailers outlined their commitment to the environment in their letter to the Council dated January, but refused to ban single
The reason for using plastic shopping bags from their stores is the need to \"support\" the freedom of customers to make their own choices.
\"In our view, the decision to use or reuse plastic bags is the customer\'s decision,\" Woolworths said in the letter . \".
Coles took a similar position, writing: \"We recognize that our customers have different views on plastic bag bans, and by providing options, we believe we respect the views of all our customers.
Both retailers have outlined a number of ways in which they encourage customers to reduce their use of plastic bags, including the provision of reusable plastic bags and the provision
Recycling bins for plastic bags.
These letters were part of the report compiled by the Council, following a decision by the member at a meeting on last August to take action on the issue.
The report, which will be presented at the Council meeting on Monday night, recommends that the Council continue its current education and awareness-raising program to reduce the use of plastic bags as part of a wider campaign to reduce waste, for this problem.
The Council has added a \"beyond plastic bags\" page to its website outlining alternatives to using plastic shopping bags.
It also recommends promoting businesses that voluntarily reduce or eliminate corporate plastic bags.
At the end of last year, the council called on state governments to introduce new states --
Ban on wide plastic bags.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
On behalf of the government, it told the council that it was committed to reducing the use of plastic bags, but felt that it needed to be done without \"increasing the pressure on household costs or the cost of groceries.
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