supermarket group backs plastic bag ban, with conditions

by:Sengtor     2020-04-16
On Tuesday, a group representing supermarkets and other food stores expressed conditional support for a bill that, if approved, would make Massachusetts the latest supermarket in the United States. S.
State ban on single
Use plastic shopping bags that are considered by eco-activists to be the main source of pollution and a serious threat to marine wildlife.
The proposal will prohibit retailers from offering customers
Use a carry bag when purchasing.
The store will be required to provide customers with recyclable paper bags for 10 cents, and the food store can choose to offer recyclable shopping bags for 10 cents or more.
Nearly 100 towns, including Boston, have enacted local plastic bag regulations, although the specific content of these bans varies from community to community.
In testimony prepared for the legislature\'s committee on natural resources, environment and agriculture, the Massachusetts Food Association said it could support a statewide ban on plastic bags to replace patchwork of local rules, and create a \"fair competitive environment\" for supermarkets and grocery stores \".
However, the organization asked lawmakers to extend a phase --
Compared to the period from August.
Date of implementation in the bill.
Brian Houghton, senior vice president, said: \"Over time, consumers have to be educated to replace plastic bags with reusable bags instead of just turning to plastic bags, which have their own environmental problems
Chairman of government affairs and communications of the association.
Another group, the Massachusetts retailer association, said it \"wholeheartedly\" supported the goal of reducing the amount of plastic materials in the environment and acknowledged the need for statewide standards, but was skeptical about the approach taken by the bill.
The bill is under consideration by the Joint Legislative Council of State councillors.
The group represents from so-
Many stores offer the \"ma and pa\" business to large box retailers, saying they have provided customers with the option of paper, plastic or reusable bags.
It also mentions the benefits of plastic lifting bags, pointing out that they are lightweight, waterproof, strong enough to carry heavy objects without double bagging.
California was the first state to approve the ban in 2016, and since all counties banned singles, Hawaii actually banned it across the state.
Use a plastic bag.
Lawmakers in New York include a plastic bag ban in a recent state budget agreement.
The ban will come into effect on March 1, 2020, giving counties the option to charge 5 cents for paper bags.
The momentum of other Northeast states also seems to be growing.
Vermont\'s Senate initially approved legislation last week, including banning singles.
Use plastic bags.
Bills in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are under consideration.
Overseas, the EU Parliament voted last week to ban multiple single
Plastic products have been used since 2021.
The World Wildlife Fund said Monday that,foot (8-meter)
48 female sperm whales found dead along the Mediterranean coast of Sardinia. 5 pounds (22 kilograms)
Shopping bags, plastic boards and laundry detergent packaging are included. Democratic Rep.
Lory Elich of Marblehead, the main House sponsor of the Massachusetts Act, cited this, as well as other recent global events, as well as data showing that consumers in the state use 2 billion pounds of plastic per year, most of it is discarded rather than recycled, littering parks and playgrounds and potentially devastating effects on wildlife that may mistake plastic items for food.
\"We managed well before the plastic bags showed up, let\'s do it again,\" Elish told the legislative panel . \".
However, with the increased prevalence of biodegradable bags manufacturers, it has become far more affordable.
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