supermarket giants deny reports of mice, needles in reusable shopping bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-23
The plastic ban is a report by hereSupermarket giants Woolworths and Coles that shocking needles, rodents and dirty diapers have been submitted for inspection
Staff in bags that customers can reuse.
Source: Australian News Corp\'s supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have denied reports of shocking needles, rodents and dirty diapers
Staff in bags that customers can reuse.
Bernie Smith of the Association of shops, distribution and joint employees (SDA)
National Minister of New South Wales check-
The staff found rats, cockroaches, needles, razor blades, false teeth and dirty diapers in multiple roomsuse bags.
\"We have stories about cockroaches crawling out --
\"Take it out of the bag,\" he told Australian reporters . \".
\"A worker was injured by a needle after the used needle was left in the bag, and the staff said the customer showed a bag of gas with a strong smell.
Mr Smith told the news. com.
Au these are current examples based on recent reports of trials of reusable bagsup to the ban.
But he did point out that the union was satisfied with the initiatives taken by retailers to ensure a smooth transition, including a plan to replace dirty bags with new ones and recycle old ones for free.
The supermarket told the news. com.
The AU did not receive reports on health issues, and they said that SDA was seeking assurances about their workplace processes prior to the June 20 ban.
\"We met with SDA before June 20 to discuss the cancellation of singles
A spokesman for Woolworth told reporters: \"use plastic bags from our store and relevant training materials for team members . \". com. au.
\"At this meeting, we made it clear to SDA that our team members will be supported through the transition and will adhere to the appropriate health and safety standards.
\"We found that in the first week, the vast majority of customers were respectful and patient with our team and we thanked them for that.
They also noted that team members were told that they did not have to accept abuse from customers and that complaints could be escalated to the store or to the manager on duty. Check-
It is recommended for out-of-office staff who can refuse to pack items if there is a hygiene risk in the bags.
The union also said that customers prefer to carry a smaller number of recycled bags and instructed staff to \"fill them up\", which would be a potential health and safety risk.
Woolworth said they did not receive reports of these incidents.
Source: A spokesman for supply EDA Woolworths told the news. com.
It was suggested that AU staff explain to customers that excessive weight could break a bag and potentially cause potential harm.
Smith said that SDA received a variety of reports from Woolworth\'s employees, noting that while \"most customers\" have accepted the shift, a small number of people are easily right
In May, 12,500 of customers surveyed by Woolworths
Plastic bags are prohibited.
According to their findings, almost 75 people supported the transition to reusable bags, while fewer than 15 people opposed this practice.
A spokesman for Coles told the news. com. au check-
Out-of-town staff are not allowed to pack bags with hygiene risks and say staff can only lift a bag with a safe weight.
\"For the health and safety of all customers and our team members, we can\'t pack bags that are too dirty.
If a customer needs a new package, we have an alternative product starting at 15c, along with a range of community packages that account for the percentage of sales in our community and our charity partners.
\"The safety requirements at the workplace mean that we can only fill a bag so that the elevator is safe. Not over-
Filling bags can minimize the chances of injuries to customers and our team members, and also means that the bags will last longer.
\"There is no doubt that phasing out disposable plastic bags will be a major shift for customers,\" the retailer added . \".
\"However, we believe that customers are willing to give up plastic bags and use reusable bags for the sake of the environment.
Single since July 1
Queensland and Western Australia will ban the use of plastic bags to keep them in line with South Australia
The first state to ban bags on 2009-
Northern Region and tazhou.
Plastic bags will be banned in Victoria, but no start date has yet been announced.
Woolworths provides reusable packages, including 15-
A plastic bag 99 cents thick
Folding bags for cents and $2.
49 \"cold storage bags\" to keep your shopping cool.
Coles offers 15-
US subcontracting, and more
Use a $1 package.
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