story of plastic grocery bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-17
Have you ever wondered why many people use plastic bags for shopping, it still exists even though they are not plastic bags
Many organizations also demand a ban on decomposition.
Learn a few myths about plastic shopping bags, which is actually a myth, not a truth.
It is believed that the use of plastic bags is prohibited in many countries, but in fact it is not banned anywhere.
Consumers of San
San Francisco was asked to use a plastic bag that could be packed instead of 100% recycled plastic bags.
Few cities in New Jersey, Connecticut and California are implementing plans for recyclable plastic bags.
We all believe that a universal truth is that paper bags are better environmental choices than plastic bags, and on the other hand, how paper bags and plastic bag manufacturers in the UAE produce them, the United States and more countries say, paper bags emit 70% more than plastic bags, water pollutants 50 times more than plastic bags, while plastic bags produce only 40% of the energy and produce 80% less solid waste than paper bags.
Even paper bags made of 100% recycled fiber use more fossil fuel than plastic bags.
Plastic bags are considered to be the main purpose of using garbage and account for a large part of the landfill;
However, statistics show that the most common items in landfill sites are paper.
On average, paper accounts for more than 40% of the contents of landfill sites.
Newspapers alone account for 13% of the landfill area.
Cigarette butts, chewing gum and candy wrapping paper account for about 95% of all rubbish.
According to mythology, it will take at least 1000 for plastic bags to break down in landfill sites, perhaps in today\'s landfill sites, nothing can break down paper, food, plastic or even compost or biodegradable products because they become as stable and dry as possible.
Researcher William Rathje found from his ongoing garbage project that when 1960 newspapers were dug out of the landfill, they were still intact and readable.
In the United States, the consumption of plastic bags is less than 0.
05% of a barrel of oil has achieved extraordinary energy efficiency in production, while 93%-
For fuel and heating purposes, 95% per barrel of crude oil is burned.
Plastic bags actually consume less fossil fuel during their service life than compost plastic bags and paper bags.
Plastic bags in the UAE, Europe and many Gulf countries are widely used in daily life for shopping, transportation and even garbage.
It\'s cheaper to use recycled plastic now than to get new materials, and today, we have a recycled plastic market that didn\'t exist 15 years ago, which mainly increases the potential for more recycled old plastic bags.
Recycled plastic groceries and shopping bags are currently being made into new consumer goods such as clean new plastic shopping bags, outdoor decorations and railing products.
As consumers, we do stop believing in the myth of plastic bags and begin to consume recyclable plastic bags by raising everyone\'s awareness.
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