state slams ‘green’ plastics

by:Sengtor     2020-05-02
Butterworth: The state government believes that the use of biodegradable plastic bags is not a better choice against the national policy of reducing the use of plastic bags to protect the environment.
Zhou ye, chairman of the state\'s local government and traffic management committee, said the state does not agree with plastic manufacturers who claim that biodegradable plastics are more eco-friendly.
\"We believe that biodegradable plastic bags can be more harmful to the environment because specific plastic materials are broken down into smaller microscopic particles.
And, as these toxic particles enter our rivers and oceans, it causes more damage to the fish and other marine creatures that consume them, he said yesterday at 2011 Green School Award Competition held by dwangda tuhaji Ahmed Badawi.
He said that after the state government did not have a free plastic bag policy, some plastic manufacturers introduced oxo-
Biodegradable Plastic Bags Replace non in the market
Can biological degradation
According to EPI environmental technology, which developed oxo in Canada
Oxo-biodegradable technology
Biodegradable plastic bags, usually chemically degraded by oxidation before further biodegradable by microorganisms and converted into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.
It says pro using EPI-
Fully degraded plastic additives (TDPA)
The technology can degrade over a period of months to two to three years, noting that it can reduce the volume of landfill sites and help to compress them.
Zhou said it would be better to find other
To reduce dependence on plastic bags, plastic alternatives such as baskets, tifen carriers and cotton bags are available.
\"We\'re not saying plastic bags are completely forbidden because we still need them to handle our garbage.
But we want people to reduce the use of plastic bags as much as possible . \"
Commenting on a China Daily on Tuesday, Zhou said the report said the state\'s cleaner and greener Penang movement, which is in progress, failed to receive the full support of the Pennan faction. term effort.
\"Our environmental awareness movement is to change people\'s mentality and behavior, which cannot be achieved overnight.
\"Some habits like using plastic bags can be difficult to change, but people may end up changing their attitudes after a while,\" he said . \".
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