should single-use plastic shopping bags be banned?

by:Sengtor     2020-05-08
Questions about the news of students aged 13 and over.
How many plastic bags did we simply use and then throw them away every week?
Our take-out food, pharmacy shopping and clothing were all packed and our groceries were packed. bagged.
All these orders
It may be cheap for consumers to use plastic bags, but the cost will increase.
Over the years, plastic bags have finally filled landfill sites, clogged sewers, contaminated animal habitats, and even floated on trees.
California became the first state to ban plastic bags in 2014, although the law was temporarily put on hold and dozens of cities or counties either banned plastic bags or charged for using them. Should single-
Is plastic shopping bags banned in your state or community?
New York City is one of those places where the ban is considered to be imposed throughout the city.
In the November 2014 article \"The New York City Council hearing on the cost of bags has become fierce,\" Matt fogenheimer wrote: plastic bags have doubled over the years as a kind of urban wind, sweeping across the sidewalks of New York City, and encroaching on the waterways ominous, gathering on subway tracks, floating on the branches of residential quarters.
Now that these packages have split up a City Council, the committee has hardly found any disagreement.
On Wednesday, as lawmakers consider what seems to be a simple issue, the hearings are becoming more intense: Plastic bags are a problem that needs to be addressed, as environmental advocates have long believed, or is a necessary question a relatively harmless part of urban life?
The debate focused on the proposal to charge 10 cents per order --
Use cash register packages at retail and grocery stores to encourage customers to bring their own.
Sponsors of Bill dessors say this fee will also apply to paper bags, as they are more expensive to buy for businesses. (
According to Bill\'s supporters, a ban on plastic alone could cause customers to turn to paper and damage businesses. )
Brooklyn MP Brad Rand is a Democrat and one of the proposed candidates
Sponsors believe that the spectre of fees, or, as opponents say, taxes are actually the power of legislation.
He told a parliamentary hearing on the health and solid waste management committee that people don\'t want to pay for things that were free in the past.
That is why this bill is valid.
The Blasio government opened the bill on Wednesday and expressed support for efforts to reduce singles.
Use carry bags and pay attention to their negative impact on the environment.
The city\'s health commissioner, Catherine Garcia, said at the hearing that the department collected an average of 1,700 tons of plastic bags per week. It costs $12.
Handle 5 million of goods outside the city every year. Ms.
The bags threaten marine animals, Garcia said, and they often mistake them for food sources, potentially blocking the sorter of recycling facilities.
But opponents, including some activists, council members from both sides and plastic bag manufacturers, define the proposed fee as a return tax, most likely to have a low impact
Income and minority communities.
Critics point out that plastic bags are often reused and many think they rarely encounter them on the street.
Some have called on the city to focus on garbage prevention and recycling activities.
Student: Read the whole article and tell us . . . . . .
Is plastic shopping bags banned in your state or community? Why?
Do you think light shopping bags are wasted and polluted?
Or do you think the benefits they provide for their daily life deserve their attention?
Do you think that, as Washington has done, it is a tired tax refund to collect fees or taxes on the use of plastic bags?
In other words, is it doing more harm to the poor?
Or is this just good governance that creates motivation for everyone to bring his or her own bag instead of constantly getting new ones after each purchase?
Do you think you use plastic bags?
Have you ever taken your own bag and told the clerk that you don\'t need a bag or have your old bag stored for reuse?
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Plastic bags are too bad for the environment.
I think they should remove the ban because it is good for the environment not to reuse them.
This will be better.
Why not reuse them if they are in good condition? This issue is affected by a narrow framework.
Instead of banning bags, yes or no, we should ask a broader question of what options exist to reduce the waste and impact of grocery bags.
Some solutions include, but are not limited to, bags made from certain materials (
\"Plastic\" is allowed, but there are laws on how they are biodegradable)
Encourage less use of bags, encourage repeated use, etc.
I think the problem here is a bit misleading.
Instead of asking if we should ban plastic bags, we should ask what are the best steps to reduce garbage, rather than limiting the conversation to a small part of the question.
This is a link for San Diego students to make great efforts in banning plastic bags:/www. nbcsandiego. News/local /-Students-School-SD-Council-On-Plastic-Bag-Ban-Issues-296664361.
HtmlI thinks it\'s an extraordinary idea to ban plastic bags that are lightweight!
I myself have seen a lot of plastic bags being wasted in my community, and some people think it\'s a good idea to reuse plastic bags, such as using plastic bags as garbage or putting candy in during a parade.
But that doesn\'t measure how many bags people throw away instead of using them.
I think it\'s a good idea to ban them, maybe we can find out different types of bags to use that are healthy for the environment and easy to reuse.
-Kendall Drury-
DeBoer KHSI means why people care, it\'s not like saving the environment now, it will help the Earth to explode and ultimately kill all of us is not our biggest problem.
I agree to ban the use of plastic bags as it directly affects our environment.
Plastic bags need to be processed for a long time in our environment.
Mainly when people throw things on the ocean.
The better way is to bag some boxes in paper when we go to the supermarket, a bit like a carton.
When I was 12
Old me.
Sports plastic bags.
My goal is to have luggage banned in my town.
Just as I started, my state of Illinois passed a bill that would ban illegal carrying of luggage.
I opened a shop.
The petition for Governor Quinn to veto the bill.
I signed more than 174,000 words and he vetoed the bill.
I\'m almost 15 years old now. I\'m still running. Why?
Because more states are considering these types of bills! What?
It denies local rights to communities wishing to solve plastic bag pollution by banning plastic bags.
Citizens get together and decide for themselves that they already have enough bags to pollute their waterways, or get stuck in trees, hurt animals, use non-
We used renewable resources for about 12 minutes.
Now they can\'t?
Arizona has just passed the bill and is now considering it in Texas and Missouri.
It\'s illegal to ban bags in Florida.
Who made these bills?
Plastic lobbyists.
They influence our politicians so they can keep making more bags.
Bag makers have just spent a lot of money getting signatures to get a referendum to overturn the California bag making ban.
These lobbyists are concerned with money rather than the environment.
I\'m just frustrated.
I spent a lot of time chatting with other kids, writing to editors, attending the Green Expo, educating friends on my facebook, and talking to local officials about the dangers of plastic bags, all these lobbyists have done is to convince our politicians that it is right to ban plastic bags from breaking the law.
I just don\'t understand!
I am the future of this planet.
I don\'t have a lobbyists who work for me, I don\'t have the money to donate to politicians, and I can\'t vote either.
I only have my own voice!
I will keep screaming before facing these facts.
Bans and charges changed behavior overnight.
Recycling is placed on a base when talking about bans, but the ratio is so low!
The market for recyclable bags is terrible.
No one wants it!
It\'s much cheaper to make new rather than use recyclable stuff.
If the bags are wanted back and are valuable, we will all pick them up on the side of the road or reach out on the tree to get them.
Also, recycling gave me all the responsibility, not the manufacturer!
There is no benefit to the package.
They are one-time products.
People say out loud that they use them as trash cans padding or shit and want to keep them.
I think we need to reduce the garbage so we don\'t rely on them for garbage bags or any plastic garbage bags!
They are not free anyway and they are included in your bill.
As for dog poop bags, pet owners need to be united on this bag.
Shit wrapped in plastic alone in a landfill or landfill is crazy!
We didn\'t have these bags a while ago.
Then we survived again.
I am very confident that you can if you have to survive without banning the bag.
Several other cities are also good.
I testify for the plastic bag legislation in Chicago and I am very happy that this big city can be an example.
New York can be a leader in all these communities on the East Coast, and because the ocean is threatened, plastic bags can be purchased for contamination.
My generation has never seen a landscape without plastic bags!
Bans and fees make people nervous because they sound like a tax, just another one that hurts people, or a ban that lets people take whatever bags they want right away.
But what about our environment?
What about my right to a healthy environment?
Since I started the campaign, my family and I have been using reusable bags.
Not so difficult.
For different things, put a variety of bags in the trunk of the car.
It is used for grocery shopping, agricultural products, and other shopping trips.
We have small bags suitable for the wallet, clips on the belt ring or bags in simple cases.
There is no excuse for plastic bags.
Plastic bags make us addicted to our society.
Not using plastic bags is more beneficial than using plastic bags!
Thank you for giving me space in my teens in the world to express my opinion!
I don\'t think plastic bags should be completely banned.
I think it would be nice to have them pay taxes or have people pay 10 cents for them.
Yes, bags are a waste, but not everyone makes them fly around town.
In my house, for example, grocery bags are twice as large as small garbage bags.
If the government or anyone responsible for this charges people 10 cents or whatever they choose on a grocery bag, then yes, it will encourage people to bring their own luggage, it is even possible to completely reduce the waste of plastic bags. Fun fact.
Did you know that, in part of the ocean, the flow of water moves a lot of garbage in a circle?
Cans of cans, garbage and many other garbage are floating in it.
Another interesting fact
Do you know that most of this garbage circulation is plastic bags?
Plastic bags have caused great environmental harm to our world.
Not only do they take thousands of years for proper biodegradable, they can also go to the ocean where they will float all the way to be picked up.
Alternatives to plastic bags are reusable bags that bring great benefits to the environment.
However, what stores and supermarkets should do now is to price plastic bags to prevent the use of plastic bags.
Banning plastic bags is a far-fetched idea and will never be implemented because the profits of plastic bags are too large.
However, there are some alternative solutions like the one I suggested above.
We can still save our Earth to some extent.
Yes, I think they should.
Especially when they are thrown away, plastic bags are terrible for the environment.
Turtles and other jellyfish, for example
Eating Creatures was found dead.
You guessed it right.
A plastic bag blocked their stomach.
The animals mistook the bags for jellyfish and ate them without thinking anything.
More importantly, the plastic will never deteriorate, so these bags will exist for a while.
There is also a huge garbage island found in the ocean, where the flow of water pushes all kinds of garbage (mostly plastic)
In a huge mound larger than Hawaii (
I think it\'s probably bigger than Malaysia.
Forgive me if I\'m wrong, I put this on my head).
I know there will always be some stubborn people arguing, \"How do we carry groceries without plastic bags?
\"Simple, simple solution: I\'m pretty sure, now you can get a brown paper bag or a reusable bag at the grocery store.
Our generation is going to clean up a big mess.
Our wonderful parents and grandparents are left to us. thank you.
We \'d better start scrubbing now.
You know, it\'s not a big problem if they\'re just melted by recycled stuff.
I think the mandatory bag recycling law will only help the environment.
It\'s a one-time plastic bag, but it\'s OK if it\'s made into a new plastic, right?
My brother is good at plastic bags and whenever we get anything he asks for paper.
I really don\'t care much about it.
But he kept mentioning it, so I don\'t have so many plastic bags.
I think it should be forbidden to use disposable plastic bags at grocery stores in my area.
At my house, we have a bag that is easy to fill up with 300 plastic bags in the grocery store and may never be used again.
I\'m sure everyone has a similar bag at home with more or less bags in it and no more.
Most families in my area are not lower class or minority, so they can afford some reusable shopping bags and take them to the store.
When I grow up, I want to do environmental work, so I agree with the environmental activists who say the environment is bad and pollute the animal habitat and waterways.
However, I do think it hurts the poor to tax plastic bags.
If they are having a hard time getting it now and they have added 10 cents on every bag they buy, I can see that it will increase soon, even though 10 cents don\'t look much.
That\'s exactly what the government wants, because that\'s why everyone comes with their own luggage.
If buying a new bag every time you shop will hurt you financially, it is crucial to bring your own bag to save as much money as you can.
I don\'t go for groceries, but I know my mom buys a lot of bags every time she goes to the store.
In the past, we tried to bring our own, but we always left them in the car and ended up buying more at checkout.
As I said earlier, we did save our packages, but we rarely reuse them, but when we reuse them, they only reuse them once before we recycle them
The bags are very cheap and easy to tear, they cannot be used in large quantities due to the durability of the plastic.
How to provide an incentive to bring your own bag.
The store will issue 10 cents of credit for each package you bring . . . . . . Plastic bags are just another convenient way for these fats, lazy Americans who think they can\'t hold water bottles in their cars.
If plastic bags are used by every American, then, yes, our environment will become a plastic paradise!
So what I have to say to you guys is, use single
With plastic bags, do you want to live or die within 30 years? Huh! ?
I don\'t know about you, but I think all your single users should have a life because you may not have it after 30 years.
Plastic bags are just another convenient way for these lazy Americans to think they can\'t hold water bottles in the car.
If plastic bags are used by every American, then, yes, our environment will become a plastic paradise!
So what I have to say to you guys is, use single
With plastic bags, do you want to live or die within 30 years? Huh! ?
I don\'t know about you, but I think all your single users should have a life because you may not have it after 30 years. Period. End of story.
Abby works great.
Maintain a state of mind.
Good luck from Pakistan
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