shopping bags comply with environmental standards

by:Sengtor     2020-05-09
At present, the main shopping bags on the market are: plastic shopping bags, non-
Woven bags, paper shopping bags, cotton shopping bags, shopping baskets.
What are the really reusable shopping bags?
For the definition of green shopping bags, it is generally said that shopping bags from raw materials to manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment. under natural conditions, products can be easily recycled and eventually discarded, or no contamination of reusable bags.
Analysis and comparison, according to this concept, for all kinds of shopping bags on the market today, who is more environmental friendly, it is naturally clear.
Plastic shopping bags are packaging materials made of olefin as the main raw material and other substances are added.
According to the plastic limit, the standard plastic shopping bags of plastic bags are divided into ordinary plastic shopping bags, degraded plastic shopping bags and starch-
Plastic shopping bags.
Among them, only degradation plastic bags are divided into two types: degradation and biological degradation. Non-
Woven fabric, None
Many people think that fabric is a natural material, which is a misconception.
Common non
Woven materials are polypropylene or polybenzyl ester. polypropylene and polyethylene plastic shopping bags used to belong to five common plastic varieties and belong to plastic varieties that cannot be degraded for 50 years. Therefore, non-
Woven fabric made from shopping bags is also a typical variety of polypropylene, and it also belongs to plastic bags. Environmental Protection and ordinary plastic shopping bags are not completely degraded.
Specific cost aspects-
Effective, non-woven bags under conditions as strong as plastic bags, but not waterproof, are several times higher than plastic bags.
It should also be mentioned that in two or more non-
Woven shopping bags, recycling is more difficult than ordinary plastic shopping bags.
The strength and waterproof performance of the paper is not good. A lot of water-
Basic products such as seafood packaging and heavy metal products are also difficult to load-bearing.
I. manufacturing of raw materials for paper materials --
The world\'s forest resources are extremely scarce, which is the biggest waste of environmental resources;
Secondly, a large amount of water pollution will be produced in the paper making process.
In addition, according to expert analysis, paper bags are more serious than plastic shopping bags in terms of natural environmental degradation, energy and resource consumption, and environmental pollution caused by paper making processes.
According to the statistics of the American Chemical Society, the raw materials for making grocery plastic bags are 40% less than the raw materials needed for recycling PET reusable bags, and the production of paper above 1 pound requires 1 pounds of plastic, compared with plastic, need less energy to 91%, make and use paper bags with more than 70% of gas emissions.
Therefore, a large paper bag is the biggest waste of environmental resources and environmental pollution.
The strength of cotton shopping bags, paper bags, can be recycled, but poor waterproof performance.
The advantage of the cotton shopping bag is that it can be recycled, but is the bag dirty?
Washing is the most common way, but washing will cause waste of water resources, and phosphorus detergents that pollute the soil will carry out ordinary washing and disinfection of bacteria.
Shopping basket with two materials: one is natural rattan material and the other is polypropylene plastic material.
The first is to cut down a lot of natural vegetation and destroy the natural environment.
The second is made of plastic.
Environmental protection is the same as ordinary plastic shopping bags and non-woven shopping bags.
The main drawback of the shopping basket is that it is inconvenient to carry.
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