shoppers \'happy\' with new levy on plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-20
Despite some inconvenience initially, shoppers are very supportive of the new plastic bag tax introduced yesterday.
Small retailers are not very happy, however, calling on the government to give them some 15c taxes to help them pay administrative fees.
After the environmental tax is levied, reusable bags, vintage shopping bags, shopping carts and paper bags are all evidence.
Supermarkets generally welcome moving, and customers are ready to collect fees.
Customers like Maura Hayden, Tesco at the center of Jervis Street, have no objection to spending 15c on a bag.
\"I usually use my own bag and I bought a cart before Christmas and look forward to that.
\"I think anything that is good for the environment is a good idea,\" she said . \".
For many of the older shoppers, this move evokes the pre-
When people have no choice but to buy groceries with their own shopping bags, plastic bags appear.
\"When we were young, we used to bring our own shopping bags.
\"I think it\'s a good idea because there\'s a lot of waste in plastic bags,\" Bray shopper Peggy Tobin\'s verdict . \".
But pension collector Michael Hogan yesterday dragged his shopping cart in downtown Dublin, where he had serious reservations about where the money would go.
\"I don\'t object to 15c if used properly.
\"I don\'t agree because it\'s another tax that will be put in the pocket of the government,\" he said . \".
ISME, the Business Association, also criticized the tax and asked to allow small and medium-sized retailers to keep some taxes of 15 degrees Celsius to help reduce management costs.
\"It\'s a small family --
Businesses that now have to carry out plastic bag returns as well as VAT returns, PAYE and PRSI returns.
\"It\'s really stupid,\" said Mark Fillin, ISME chief . \".
He stressed that his organization fully supported the measure, but said that the typical practice of the government was to pass on management costs to small businesses.
Mr. Fielding also said that he doubted whether the funds used for environmental projects would eventually be used for the intended purpose.
\"We are worried that the tax will not make the environment cleaner.
We think it will be swallowed up on normal days. to-
Spending every day, \"he said.
Superquinn boss Feargal Quinn said at his Sutton store that it\'s been almost two hours since someone bought plastic bags there.
\"Almost all the customers turned to our Green Bag.
\"I think the minister will be very satisfied with that,\" he said . \".
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