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Sengtor: environmental protection makes life more pleasant

Sengtor: environmental protection makes life more pleasant


Some people say:


"I actually like environmental protection, but it's too troublesome."


"I'm so comfortable living now. What environmental protection? How tired"


"The earth is polluted and can't live anymore. It will take hundreds of years at least. I can live comfortably now. Why do I think so much? "


I just want to say, "I disagree."


Environmental life is not troublesome at all


But need to observe and understand the details of life


When you walk by the side of the road


Pick up the bottle a few steps away from you


Put it in the trash can where it should go


This is environmental protection


Don't litter and reduce the use of plastic products


Looking for alternative environmentally friendly materials


This is also environmental protection


Actively participate in waste classification


This is still environmental protection


It's just a little effort


But the spiritual wealth brought to us by these small things is not small at all


It can bring us a sense of responsibility that creatures at the top of the food chain should have


Satisfy both enrich


And I believe everyone likes the environment without dirty garbage


Fresh air, warm sunshine, beautiful sea and lush forest


It is our common aspiration


But it also needs everyone's efforts to change


As contemporary US


We love the outdoors


We who love nature


We should use our way


Return the earth to a comfortable home

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