reusable shopping bags are making a big impact

by:Sengtor     2020-05-09
BYOB means bring your own shopping bag!
When we start the new year of 2010, the number of purchases we make in the US and around the world is crazy --
The trend is growing.
Whether we go to the grocery store a lot and reserve food for delicious meals and delicious food, or those things that are sometimes frightening, we can all skillfully \"6 bags per arm\" through the packaging, which creates a lot of unnecessary waste.
One of the most obvious examples of this waste is a disposable shopping bag.
According to The Wall Street Journal, it is estimated that the United States consumes billions of plastic shopping bags every year. Street Journal.
Most plastic bags end up in landfill, and the rest are often consumed or entangled by animals in rivers, ponds, lakes, streams or oceans.
Household waste, including shopping bags, increased by an average of more than 25% in November and December.
Considering how many shopping bags are consumed and wasted at this time of year, it is time to spread the positive benefits of ecology
Influence our family, friends and community.
Adopting a BYOB strategy in our personal shopping habits is an easy way.
If we can raise awareness at this time, the positive impact on the environment will be immeasurable in 2010 and beyond.
Several cities have made gradual but significant progress in promoting the use of ecosystems
Friendly non-woven reusable shopping bags in recent years.
Using plastic and paper bag bans to motivate consumers, registration discounts and tax incentives for reuse of bags are a few worth mentioning.
In the United States, the San Jose City Council recently passed the country\'s most stringent ban on plastic and paper shopping bags.
This is a huge win for the Bay Area, where 1 million plastic bags are piled up each year inside and outside San Francisco Bay.
San Jose has become the latest city in the Bay Area to ban the use of disposable shopping bags;
Others include San Francisco and Palo Alto.
According to the San Jose Mercury report, Tracy seepel is actually a real person to jump
Starting the ban is another good example of one\'s power.
Here is an excerpt: when visiting his sisterin-
Kan, who was elected sanjosecity council in 2007, went shopping at grocery stores in Taipei and was surprised to be charged for plastic shopping bags.
The next day, he brought his bag back to the store.
Chu said: \"I think the question is, why not San Jose ? \"
\"He started a dialogue with the senvironmental service staff in the city and then went to the Council committee for discussion.
Save The bay Hills fourth annual report on the most rubbish
Websites throughout the area further demonstrate the need to bring your own shopping bags. The 50-year-
Old environmental advocacy group focusing on 10 specific bays
Last year, almost 15 000 plastic bags were retrieved in one day in their report.
This is an excerpt from an article by Kelly Chito on the San Francisco Chronicle. According to (Save the Bay\'s)
Research shows that California uses about 19 billion plastic bags a year.
8 million in the Gulf.
Average use time of bag-
The United States uses about 12 million barrels of oil a year.
About 12 minutes.
In addition to the fact that plastic bags can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill sites, plastic bags also force downtime when entering traditional recycling equipment.
Usually, the bag will enter the conveyor belt or gear and must be cut by hand.
So far, ten American cities have banned plastic bags and five have been banned in the past year.
Even Mexico City has issued a ban on the use of plastic bags, which came into effect on August.
Cities with 20 million people now face the reality of effective law enforcement, which is not easy when the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce estimates that there are 35,000 suppliers in downtown Mexico City alone.
Banning the use of plastic bags is not the only effective way to reduce the harmful waste caused by disposable plastic bags.
PlasTaxes, originally launched by the Irish, taxed consumers on the use of plastic bags when shopping.
National Geographic\'s John Roach reported last year the world-wide momentum of development since Ireland established PlasTax in 2003.
They can reduce the consumption of plastic bags by 90% or more.
The momentum is growing around the world, especially in the United States.
From Washington DC to Edmonds, Washington to the Arctic, AK, communities and governments are pushing for an international trend to reduce the harmful effects of disposable shopping bags on the environment.
Even major retailers like Target and CVS are taking action to choose BYOB or just carry-
Take the item out without a bag
For opponents, it is convenient to ignore the recent momentum to reduce the waste of disposable bags.
But for some people,
Popularization of ecosystem
Friendly reusable bags are inevitable.
Look at the way smoking becomes taboo in the United States.
The smoke inside burns like a wildfire.
Again, who can say that using disposable bags will not become taboo in the near future?
The use of eco-friendly reusable grocery bags will definitely make you full.
When shopping, we have the option to bring our reusable bags, which is much further than we thought.
This is all about BYOB, setting a proactive example for others and setting a trend that will help our planet, a valuable limited resource that protects the habitat of animals.
Of course, plastic and paper bags should be repackaged, and it is important to remember that most large retailers, including Albertson and Wal-Mart, are
Matt will recycle plastic bags for you.
That said, the BYOB shopping strategy can make your life easier, because there is no need to pile up cabinets full of plastic bags, and there is no need to know when to do something.
Putting a few reusable shopping bags in your car or backpack is a great way to make sure you have them when you need them.
So remember BYOB and give back to our planet!
Whether it\'s in a convenience store, a shopping mall, or a grocery store, we can change the environment and help raise people\'s awareness at once.
By eliminating the waste of disposable shopping bags, we present a gift to our planet, the best of all gifts, sustainable development and reuse.
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