reducing plastic bag use \'on target\'

by:Sengtor     2020-02-09
Here\'s a statistic that you can think of as an empty or squeezed plastic shopping bag on the edge.
Shoppers in Ontario carried 0. 269 billion fewer shopping bags in 2007 than in 2006.
On the other hand, they still shipped more than 4 billion orders
Use bags during the year.
In the province, there are 316 packs per year for every man, woman and child.
Less than one of the 12 bags entered the recycling plan.
The Ontario plastic bag reduction task force released this data on behalf of retailers and recyclers, which reached an agreement with the Ontario government in 2007 to reduce the number of single bags
Use plastic bags issued before 2012.
Deputy Mayor of jinmai Jinnong
The chairman of the Canadian grocery dealers Council praised the cut as a step forward.
\"Our goal is.
\"We are really happy,\" she said . \"
McKinnon said she expected a bigger drop when 2008 of the data was reported, as retailers were working together to push consumers to turn off plastic bags and consumers were responding.
The store sells and even presents reusable bags and bins;
Slapping stickers on bulky items instead of bagging;
And single chargeuse bags.
At the end of last year, when the city council ordered the city\'s shops to enforce 5-
Single cents
Plastic bags have been used since June 1.
Loblaws announced last month that it will start to 5-
Collect a split immediately, matching the existing practices of several discount stores.
The drive in Toronto has created some lagthe-
The scene was tense because grocery dealers supported Toronto\'s overall goal of cutting garbage production by 70 as of 2010-more ambitious than the 50-bag emission reduction target set by the province.
Environment Minister John Gerretsen said he would consider discussing the goal of revising 50 with the industry as consumers are embracing the idea of reducing waste.
\"The agreement reached in 07 is a great step in the right direction, but I think we can even do better than expected,\" he said . \".
The report of the working group \"recognizes the need for further work on the basis of progress this year.
\"Under the agreement with the province, the use of plastic bags will have to drop by 2.
As of 2012, 16 billion bags per year.
This means that the number of bags issued must be reduced by an average of 0. 36 billion per year-much larger than the number of bags reduced by 0. 269 billion this year.
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