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[recommended for one week] - all biodegradable bags

[recommended for one week] - all biodegradable bags

  • The birth of the brand: founded in 1997,

  • As the saying goes, "the golden mountain and the silver mountain are not as good as the green water and green mountain".

  • Environmental protection starts from our daily garbage bags.

  • We are determined to make the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and better benefit the people.

  • The brand "sengtor" came into being,

  • Experienced 24 years, invested 10 years of scientific and technological research and development

  • He broke through every difficulty and tried his best to create "sengtor"

  • Our main idea is For every quality family to provide green health, temperature products

  • Finally, the earth's ecology will be transformed

  • Producing area

  • 23 years of manufacturing experience, serving hundreds of brand customers at home and abroad

  • The technology is mature enough and the quality is guaranteed

  • Nowadays, the birth and innovation of brand is the way to survive

  • It is not a slogan brand of ecological environmental protection, but a practitioner of action

  • Most of the ordinary plastic bags are made of petroleum, and it takes more than 200 years for them to decompose. sengtorr's biodegradable bags are composted for 90 days

  • Then it can be degraded into water and co2. And return to nature to realize zero pollution degradation

  • Turn into spring mud to protect flowers

  • Bio polylactic acid (PLA) is a kind of renewable energy, which is derived from plant starch. It can be incinerated, buried or composted

  • All of them will not pollute the environment, so that safety and environmental protection come from and belong to nature

  • The plastic pollution crisis is equivalent to the threat of climate change

  • Because it pollutes all the natural systems on earth and more and more organisms, current scientific research shows that plastic can not be effectively absorbed by the food chain, revere nature and respect all living things

  • Hope your dream

  • As vibrant as the jungle

  • Let's protect the forest, do not destroy the peace of the forest, do not let the green zero.

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