reality check: will a plastic bag ban actually help the environment?

by:Sengtor     2020-02-28
Environmental activists welcomed Toronto\'s surprise decision to ban standard plastic shopping bags. .
But would banning this package really help the environment?
Although the answer may be a bit more complicated than what the Security Council\'s ban supporters say.
\"It depends on how people react to the ban,\" says Mark Winfield, a professor of environmental studies at New York University . \".
Many stores are likely to switch to paper bags, which come from renewable resources-trees, because they are different from plastic.
They break down faster, too, so they don\'t stay as long as garbage, and they don\'t hurt wildlife.
But, as a study by the 2006 British government pointed out, the extraction and production process is the biggest factor affecting the environmental impact of bags.
Paper bags cause more harm in the production process.
A 2002 study by the Australian government said: \"The air emissions and water-based waste generated by the pulp and bleaching processes involved in paper making are higher than those produced by plastic . \".
This study in the UK concludes that if the bins are arranged in standard plastic bags used, a paper bag must be used four times --
This is impossible at all-
The impact on global warming is smaller than plastic bags.
A 2004 study by French supermarket giant Carrefour found paper bags were at least 80 worse than plastic bags in terms of water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste production.
However, large supermarkets and other large supermarket chains may turn to non-
Paper bags repeatedly used.
These bags can produce significant environmental benefits.
A 2007 study by a state agency in Australia concluded: \"a sharp shift to more durable bags will achieve environmental benefits by reducing the use of greenhouse gases, energy and water, resource consumption and garbage . \".
The Toronto parliament has approved a bill banning \"singles\" only.
Use plastic bags.
Plastic bags built for sustainable development will remain legal.
British research has found that the supermarket\'s strong \"bag of life\" is low
Density Polyethylene (LDPE)—
High relative to light-
Density Polyethylene (HDPE)standard bags —
If used only five times, rank first among eight of the nine environmental impact categories.
Similarly, Carrefour\'s research found that heftier low density polyethylene bags are better in all aspects --
Including the consumption of water, the production of waste and greenhouse gases, and atmospheric acidification --
Use at least four times.
Australia\'s 2007 study found that reusable \"green bags\" made of polypropylene plastic are best suited to the environment among all bag choices.
Australia had a population of about 21 million in 2007.
The study found that if this bag was used by each household, the country would reduce waste by 24,000 tons and greenhouse gas by 42,000 tons and consume 1 ton.
Reduce energy by 4 million per year.
Durable goods bags distributed by supermarkets in Canada have not yet released research reports, but some are even greener than others.
Canada\'s largest grocery chain, loblah W, from \"after 99.
Consumers recycle plastic bottles.
\"Most bag studies rely on estimates of the level of reuse of standard plastic bags and the number of kitchen bags that will be purchased if the standard plastic bags are no longer distributed.
Ultimately, until we know how local shoppers and shops respond, we won\'t know the environmental impact of Toronto\'s bag ban.
\"If people start using reusable bags, then we\'ll be ahead in the long run. . .
For example, it would be better if they were made of recycled materials.
Then the footprint starts to become very, very small each time it is used.
If people move to Africa
Reusable paper bags, then, at least in terms of energy and material input, it is closer to cleaning
\"The best,\" Winfield said.
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