plastic straw and cotton bud ban proposed

by:Sengtor     2020-04-25
As part of a government cut in plastic waste, plastic straws and cotton buds may be banned in the UK.
Ministers noted that 8.
5 bn plastic straws are thrown away every year in Britain.
The Prime Minister said plastic waste is \"one of the biggest environmental challenges facing the world \".
Theresa May will urge leaders at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which began earlier, to follow the example of Britain\'s leadership in resolving the issue.
The Queen officially announced the opening of the summit at an event at Buckingham Palace, attended by prime ministers and presidents from 53 states of the organization.
Ms. May claimed that the UK was a \"world leader\" in the treatment of plastic waste, highlighting the allegations against plastic bags, the use of beads is prohibited and announced in the process of negotiations in the UK on the deposit return plan for the introduction of beverage containers.
\"In addition to our domestic actions, this week we are bringing together Commonwealth countries to join our fight against marine plastics,\" she said . \".
\"The Commonwealth is a unique organization with diverse wildlife, environment and coastline.
\"Together we can make real changes that will allow future generations to enjoy a healthier natural environment than we currently find.
\"Analysis: BBC Science Editor David Shukman Environment Minister Michael Gove described plastic waste as a global emergency, which naturally raises questions about the speed of government response.
Headlines say plastic straws are banned.
But the announcement was about consultation for that purpose.
Similar activities on the plastic beverage bottle deposit plan are underway, and lawmakers learned on Wednesday that the system itself will not be effective until 2020.
When ministers talk about the UK leading the world on this hot topic, it is worth paying attention to the actions of other countries.
In fact, plastic bags are banned in dozens of countries.
There is a system for retailers to charge them.
Kenya has taken the toughest measures since last year: if you use plastic bags, if the merchant is caught making or importing plastic bags, it will be fined, in fact, they will face up to four years in prison.
In many accounts of the war with plastics, Kenyans are the chief responsible persons.
Meanwhile, 60 British music festivals, including Dorset and Bestival in Boomtown, Hampshire, said they would ban plastic straws at this summer\'s event. Bestival\'s co-
Founder Rob Da Bank said they \"led the global charge of unnecessary plastics\" as the festival group also promised to cancel all single
Use plastic before 2021.
The environment minister, Michael Gove, made a proposal in February to ban plastic straws, and he will start consultations later this year.
\"We\'re going to consult what is the best way to remove the straw, remove the blender, and at the same time remove the cotton buds that we \'ve used so many plastic stems, and he told BBC Radio 4 Today\'s show.
This is a global emergency.
That is why we choose to act.
That\'s why we work with other Commonwealth countries.
\"There is a need for consultation, particularly with respect to straws, because some people with disabilities need to use plastic straws, he said.
Some retailers, bars and restaurants are already reducing the use of plastic, and the ban on plastic bags will be extended from major retailers to all retailers, Mr. Gove said.
Scottish Environment Minister Rosanna Cunningham announced a plan to ban plastic straws earlier this year after he took similar actions aimed at banning the sale and manufacture of plastics
Cotton bud.
A spokesman for the Welsh government said it would also consider a ban: \"We welcome the UK government\'s cooperation on any action to ban straws.
We will work with Defra to find out how to do this effectively in Wales.
\"Greenpeace UK and friends of the Earth welcomed the announcement as a\" step forward \", but they all warned that more action was needed.
Louise Edge of Greenpeace said
Recycling \"Problem plastics\" should also be banned as early as possible, and retailers must take responsibility for phasing out single plastics
Use plastic in your own products.
Julian Kirby of Friends of the Earth says
The term solution is a complete phase
In addition to the most basic plastic \".
The news was welcomed by the Green Party,
The leader, Jonathan Batley, said the government \"must put these plans into action and put forward completely no
The grand goal of eliminating all avoidable plastic waste by 2042 \".
Earlier this week May announced a new Clean Ocean Alliance
An agreement between the UK, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ghana promises to ban the use of bead cosmetics and the reduction of plastic bags by 2021.
She also assigned £ 61 to fund it.
4 m for global research and improvement of waste management in developing countries.
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