plastic shopping bags will soon be history everywhere in africa. here\'s why...

by:Sengtor     2020-04-21
Photo source: I was in Cameroon last year (central Africa)
Hold a series of seminars on start-up and small business.
In Yaoundé-
My host and I are in boulangerie (
Bread and snack bars).
I bought some snacks and was shocked to realize that I was charged for plastic shopping bags! Seriously?
Shopping bags are free in my country Nigeria!
Plastic shopping bags are usually supplements you get from every store, vendor, pharmacy or grocery store you buy.
But I am in Yaoundé and I am going to pay 100 CFA francs.
About 10 cents)
Buy a plastic shopping bag that should be free of charge-
At least in my opinion.
You see, while plastic shopping bags are popular around the world as a cheap and effective means of transporting small items, my findings reveal --
What is surprising is that
Africa has made more progress in getting rid of plastic shopping bags than other countries and replaced them in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way --
Friendly choice.
Plastic shopping bags are banned in more and more African countries. Plastic shopping bags have been banned or taxed in 15 African countries.
Rwanda is one of the first countries in the world to ban the use of plastic shopping bags.
In 2004, shops were banned from giving plastic bags to customers.
The government of Rwanda has introduced preferential tax policies to encourage enterprises to recycle plastic bags instead of making them. -
Thus creating a new market for the environmentfriendly bags.
In 2005, Ecuador banned the use of plastic bags.
In 2006, Tanzania banned the use of plastic bags nationwide.
In 2007, Ugandan legislation banned the sale of light plastic bags under 30 m and taxed thick plastic bags at a punitive rate of 120%.
Botswana began collecting taxes on plastic bags in 2007.
This has led many retailers to charge for plastic bags, further preventing consumers from using them.
Kenya banned the production and import of plastic bags in January 2011.
In 2013, the use, manufacture and import of plastic bags was banned in malytania.
Plastic bag manufacturers may be sentenced to one year\'s imprisonment in that country.
South Africa banned the use of light plastic bags and taxed plastic bags with larger thickness.
In April 2015, the National Assembly of Senegal unanimously banned the production, import, possession and use of plastic shopping bags.
African countries such as Bissau, Mali, Ethiopia and Malawi restrict, pass or declare a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags.
Alas, developed countries are learning from Africa. More than a decade ago, several African countries began to ban plastic bags, and Europe and North America have just begun to take drastic measures to ban and reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.
On May 2015, the French National Assembly approved a bill prohibiting the use of plastic bags in all supermarkets and shops from January 1, 2016.
In April 2015, the European Parliament approved the rules prohibiting the use of vulnerable plastic bags, removing the last major obstacle to the adoption of this legislation.
It will require member states to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags by about 80% by 2025.
United States, United StatesS.
Most of the ban was imposed by cities and counties.
More than 100 counties and cities have enacted laws that charge plastic bags or directly prohibit them.
California passed a ban on use in September 2014.
Why are plastic shopping bags a threat to Africa and the world?
Shoppers and businesses have been relying on lightweight plastic bags as a powerful, cheap and effective means of transport for decades.
However, this popular project actually does more harm than good to human beings and the environment.
Here are some of the biggest reasons why countries around the world should stop producing and using plastic nylon bags more seriously. Long-
The term contaminated plastic shopping bag is made from high
Density Polyethylene (HDPE)plastic.
Because the substance is not biodegradable, plastic bags can last for 1,000 years in the environment as garbage.
In addition to the eye nails that waste plastic bags, they are also common causes of blockage of drainage systems, sewers and waterways.
Many cities around the world
Especially in developing countries
Sewer blockage is the main breeding place for mosquitoes that cause malaria;
A disease that killed more than half a million people last year.
According to WWF, more than 100,000 whales, seals and turtles die each year from eating or being trapped, and go to abandoned plastic bags in the seas and seas. In Mauritania (North Africa)
More than 70% of cattle and sheep died in the capital, nouakshott, and died in edible plastic bags.
This economic loss is common in many parts of Africa, where livestock often graze in areas where plastic bags are severely wasted.
Plastic bags are made of petroleum derivatives.
As you know, oil
Related activities are a major contributor to carbon emissions that harm the environment and continue to have an impact on global climate change.
If the world\'s demand for plastic shopping bags continues to increase, it will certainly have a direct impact on the production and demand for oil now and in the future.
Of course, this is bad news for the world\'s climate.
Are you ready for the end of the plastic shopping bag?
If we really care about the Earth, it\'s time for us to start breaking our attachment to plastic shopping bags.
In places banned in Africa, shopping bags made of paper, cloth, jute and Rafiya proved to be excellent \"Earth-
Friendly choice.
Are you ready to save the Earth?
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