plastic shopping bag advertised as ‘vintage retro classic carrier’ on sale for a staggering $7,500 on ebay, as frustrated shoppers take a swipe at the bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-05-04
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On eBay, the \"use of plastic bags\" has been advertised as a vintage Woolworth bag at an expensive price.
EBay seller listed his product as a vintage product for an amazing $7,500.
The bag is listed in the plastic bag as a \"vintage Woolworths bag.
Sellers also choose not to include free postage, which means an additional $13 is required for buyers.
Send it over 80.
Sellers seem to be greatly appreciative of the recent ban on plastic bags from supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.
Woolworth\'s debut single
In June 20, plastic bags were banned in all shops.
Earlier this week, Coles shoppers attacked the supermarket\'s decision to ban singles on social media.
Plastic bags have been used since July 1.
Shoppers at Coles are forced to bring their own canvas bags or pay $0. 15-3.
00 a series of reusable bags for supermarkets.
Angry customers condemned the supermarket chain\'s decision
Some call the plastic bag ban a \"marketing tool\" designed to allow shoppers to pay $3 more on alternative bags soldstore.
An angry customer said on Twitter that this is just another way for chain companies to make money. \'Why ban it?
Another person familiar with the matter said that almost everything you buy is packed in plastic.
\"You go around the shops and fill the carts with plastic.
It is forbidden to fix anything with a package
There is always a problem changing habits.
Supermarkets replaced \"single use\" with other plastic bags \".
This is immoral.
It should be wise to use biodegradable bags!
Said another woman.
Coles has released a range of alternative shopping bags, including $0.
Reusable plastic bags called \"better bags\" have been advertised on their website.
It says: \"The better bag for Coles is made of 80% recycled material, bigger, thicker and more durable than the previous bag.
\"You can get a better bag of Coles with only 15 degrees Celsius and use it again and again.
It is also not as bulky as other reusable bags, making it easier for you to fold and store in a handbag or backpack.
Other replacement bags advertised by the supermarket include handbags, shoulder bags, freezer bags and yellow sacks.
The cheapest is to advertise a $1 tote bag for each bag, while customers will need to pay $3 for the premium sacks.
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