plastic plan (not a ban) hope of new westminster councillor for all of metro vancouver

by:Sengtor     2020-04-16
New Westminster B. C.
The MP wants her city to be able to draft a charter to prevent people from using singles
Use items such as plastic bags and straws throughout the area.
Don\'t call it a ban, though.
\"As far as I am concerned, this is not a full ban,\" Lorrie Williams said . \".
\"There may be exceptions.
On Monday, she filed a motion to ban the sale and use of singles in New Westminster.
Use plastic bags and straws before 2019.
But it ended up being sent back to the staff and asked them to develop a cut strategy for things like plastic bags rather than a direct ban.
The more subtle approach is not because the plastic industry is currently in B, Williams said. C.
The Supreme Court questioned Victoria\'s ability to impose a plastic bag ban.
\"No, of course I\'m not worried at all,\" she said of the industry after her city.
\"I think change is coming.
Victoria\'s Charter
Will be effective
No grocery stores offering or selling single
Use plastic bags to shoppers.
With regard to plastic bags in Victoria, you only need to know the ban in Victoria and there will be exceptions.
Plastic bags can still be provided in the store to pack bulk items, as well as meat, prescriptions and dry cleaning.
Officials in Victoria say residents use 17 million plastic bags a year, accounting for more than all landfill waste.
Environmental groups like the Surfrider Foundation have been working with municipalities to reduce plastic waste, which they say tends to be contaminated by the ocean and the beach.
\"What we want to see is more intervention through the municipalities to disrupt this single
\"Using plastic waste logistics,\" says Caroline Whitaker, a volunteer at the Vancouver Island Foundation.
However, on January, the Canadian plastic bag Association questioned the rights of the Victoria Council to develop a charter in B. C. Supreme Court.
The plastic bag Association is a non-
Representing the profit Organization advocated by plastic bag manufacturers and distributors in Canada.
As the industry challenged Victoria Banz\'s argument, the battle for plastic bags ignited because the city violated provincial jurisdiction and was not entitled to impose a ban.
Officials in the city of Victoria said they were granted an extension until the end of February to submit a response.
They say parliament still fully complies with the Constitution.
Instead of completely banning plastic bags, the province says it wants to offer more recycling options for used materials.
The company said it currently has more than 200 warehouses in the province, including major retailers such as medicines in London.
Although officials say they are monitoring legal challenges to Victoria.
At the same time, it has caused cold in other cities.
SaanichDistrict Council withdrew its plastic ban strategy this month, ahead of the results of the challenge.
Williams said her ultimate goal at New Westminster is that the plan will be replicated and adopted by 21 other cities on the Vancouver Metro.
\"It\'s time for us to do something [single-use plastics],\" she said.
\"I\'m sure if all the municipalities do this ,[Association]
We can\'t take all of us to court.
\"The Vancouver Metro also released a consultation plan on reducing singles on Friday.
The board members passed the Vancouver Metro Zero Waste Committee project.
The board has previously approved actions to reduce singles.
Use items from landfill sites to achieve the goal of transferring waste by 2020.
The region will now consult with stakeholders and industry on how to find solutions for the remainder of 2018.
Possible actions include a ban on the disposal of singles
Use the item and limit its sales and use.
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