plastic ban at what price?

by:Sengtor     2020-04-30
What happens if plastic bags are prohibited?
So far, the partial ban on plastic bags imposed by several local agencies in the country at different stages has largely stalled due to poor implementation.
Second, non
The availability of a viable alternative has prevented the administrator from choosing a full ban.
Assuming that execution is not strict is a problem that can be solved and corrected, then it may be time to consider the second problem.
While paper is the first option, it cannot be considered as an environment
Great friendly choice considering
The scale of the pulp trees is destroyed also because they cannot bear too much weight.
Although recycling paper bags has become a trend, ordinary people may not find them in their pocketsfriendly. Up-
Circulating paper bags using newspapers can be used for purposes other than packaging liquid and semi-liquid products. Non-
Weaving bagsCloth is the next option, although not
Nowadays, in most stores, woven bags delivered as cloth bags are also even more dangerous than plastic bags.
\"These bags are 98% polypropylene.
They are neither recyclable nor compost.
They emit carcinogenic smoke when they burn, \"says dentist Vasundhara Menon --turned-
Environmental activists who got the non-
Woven bags tested at hi-tech center for polymer science and technology.
\"I submitted the test report to the officials and ministers of all relevant departments.
But there was no response, \"she said, claiming that suppliers across the state had been turning to non-
The woven bag is misleading because it is cloth, so the speed is very slow.
Some shops have been selling cloth bags, although the fabric used is polyester equivalent to plastic rather than cotton, which should be the ideal use.
The real cotton bag is eco-friendly
Friendly, reasonable weight but heavy in pocket.
They can\'t carry liquid either.
The third option for biodegradable plastics is biodegradable plastics with several varieties.
Bio-plastic soluble in hot water.
Within 90 to 180 days, there are also broken-down plastics that break down and connect the soil.
In a notice issued by the Joint Department for Environment, Forest and Climate Change on March 2016, it was recommended that bioplastics be a viable alternative to plastic handbags.
Four bio-plastic manufacturers in India have been approved by the Central Pollution Control Commission as compostable plastic manufacturers and have followed the ISO 17008: 2008 standard.
Their products were also tested at the Central Institute of Plastic engineering technology.
These bags are a little more expensive than regular plastic tote bags, but there are no paper bags and cloth bags. “Large-
Scale use of biotechnology
Compostable plastics will put in great demand for agriculture to increase the production of cassava, corn and potatoes, although they can even be made from water gourd.
To some extent, it will benefit agriculture in the country and, in turn, our farmers, \"said santhossh Kandamchira, secretary general of the green Brotherhood at kotkabam --
Environmental-based organizations have been promoting biology
Compostable is over a year now.
He said the suppliers prefer the bags because they serve the purpose of the plastic tote bag and save the supplier from being punished for selling the thin plastic tote bag.
\"The 50 micron rule does not apply to biology
Compostable bags, so the supplier gets more quantity at a lower price ,\"
Said candamilla.
Advantages of biotechnology
Compostable bags can be composted with biodegradable waste.
\"They are technically and theoretically reliable.
But they can\'t easily be distinguished from ordinary plastic tote bags, so it is possible for suppliers to use plastic bags as bio
Packaging materials.
However, they can be identified through proper testing, \"said Harish Vasudevan, a lawyer and environmental activist. Oxo-
Can biological degradation of bag
Some high supply of biological bags
The terminal store is mistaken for packaging materials. “The Oxo-
Biodegradable materials are plastic that has been degraded after a period of time.
They become invisible, but pollute the atmosphere, water bodies and soil with micro-plastic particles.
We breathe them every day . \"
Said waisonhara Menon.
With so many options, finding the right replacement for a plastic tote bag is a tricky thing to do, and only large
Scale awareness at the grassroots level can ensure that another harmful substance does not replace plastics in the country.
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