plastic bags fly into environmental storm

by:Sengtor     2020-03-10
LONDON, England (CNN)--
If you see a plastic bag floating in the wind, it may arouse the dream of many people.
The imitation scene in the 1999 film \"American Beauty.
But when the bags fly around, fly around, and then wrap around your face, any feeling of inner peace will soon be broken to make you think more rationally, rolling plastic bags are a frustrating disease for our city and rural landscape.
In recent months, environmental activists have been concentrating their anger on plastic bags that once did not commit crimes, openly declaring it a nemesis for all the green and good things.
It has also become a powerful symbol of neglect and squandering in modern society.
The campaign to clean the streets of supermarket bags is booming.
Just this week, all 33 London administrative regions in the UK supported a parliamentary bill designed to completely ban free disposable plastic bags by law.
The move took place in a small town in Devon, England, after the ban on plastic bags in May 2007, got a lot of publicity.
Cities across the country are beginning to impose bans.
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, banned plastic bags in 2002, followed by San Francisco this year.
Over the past five years, Ireland has imposed a national tax of 15 cents on all supermarket shopping bags, and in 2008 the Australian government will launch a similar program.
Plastic only exists around 150. -
Alexander parks created the first person.
Plastic made in 1862.
Since they haven\'t been there that long, no one can determine how long it will take them to crash.
But it is widely believed that the process could take 1000, among other things, by activists, scientists and manufacturers.
Since they introduced the United StatesS.
In the 1970s S, plastic bags were everywhere in supermarkets.
They are the blessing of every shopkeeper in the world.
Lighter, stronger and cheaper than traditional paper bags.
Their numbers are growing rapidly, and it is estimated that the global consumption of plastic bags is now between 500 billion and 1 trillion per year.
The general plastic shopping bag is made of polyethylene. -
Thermoplastic plastic made of oil-
And compete with a cockroach with indestructible
Their degradation is very slow.
In fact, they degrade, which means they break down into smaller, more toxic oil over time.
Polymer that eventually pollutes the soil and waterways.
So their tiny particles can enter the food chain.
When plastic bags are not dumped in a landfill or burned, they usually enter the sea through sewers, rivers, and sewage pipes.
According to the British Antarctic Survey, floating plastic bags were found near Spitz Bergen, north of the Arctic Circle, and far south of the Falkland Islands.
Ocean Conservation Center in Washington, D. C. C.
A five-year study of marine debris was recently completed.
Records of their national marine waste monitoring program show that plastic bags account for more than 10% of U. S. garbage disposalS. coastline.
The impact on wildlife can be catastrophic, and birds can fall into despair, affecting nearly 200 different marine organisms, according to a 2005 report from the World Wildlife Foundation (
Including whales, dolphins, seals and turtles)
They mistakenly thought they were dead after eating plastic bags.
As environmental issues become the focus of attention, supermarkets have to reflect the concerns of customers.
Bags made of recycled plastic are now common, \"Life bags\" are regular fixtures during inspection
Rewards for re-shopping to go out and shoppers
Use their old bags.
Biodegradable corn starch bags are becoming more and more popular, and the streets and the Internet are full of ecology.
A friend\'s black bag
On April 2007, the limited edition \"I am not a plastic bag\" package was found in Hollywood-
Kayla Knight and Scarlett Johnson.
The bags, designed by \"Queen Barland\" Anya sindemash, were quickly sold out and soon after they were snapped up by eBay for up to $400.
It\'s a strange world.
But apparently not all plastic bags are evil.
New technologies developed in the UK
They say Symphony-based environmental technology companies make plastics more eco-friendlyfriendly.
Pro produced by the company-
Degradation additives (called d2w)
When added to polyethylene during the production process, it is converted to oxo-
Biodegradable Products
In most cases, it will take two years for these bags to break down and even make tiny pieces Micro
An organism capable of obtaining carbon and hydrogen.
Symphony plastic has been supplying oxo-
Biodegradable plastic bags
Having been in a supermarket for five years in the UK, the British journal Publishers Association recommends that their members use their products.
CNN interviewed chief executive Laurie, frustrated by the hysteria that is currently sweeping the plastic bag debate.
\"The answer is not to ban plastic bags,\" he said . \"
\"Sales fell by 90% when Ireland taxed plastic bag sales, but sales of plastic bags fell
Passenger ships rose by 400%.
Laurel also pointed out that the corn starch bag is far from a valuable alternative to ordinary polyethylene, and it may be more harmful to the environment in the long run.
\"When starch bags are dumped in a landfill, they can produce methane [
Powerful Greenhouse Gases,\" he said. The Oxo-
The biodegradable plastics association also claims that some water and electricitybiodegradable [
Including corn starch
Plastic contains up to 50% of synthetic plastic from oil.
However, the production of bags from corn starch or palm oil may incur greater environmental costs.
A report published this month by Greenpeace called \"cooking climate\" highlights that the growing demand for palm oil \"has driven the massive destruction of Indonesia\'s peat and rainforest \".
The land is considered one of the most valuable carbon storage sites in the world.
Burning the land is only releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
What groceries will we ship home in the next few years remains to be seen.
There is no doubt, however, that we can all start using fewer bags.
Peter Robinson, director of the environmental charity Waste Watch in London, UK, told CNN: \"First of all, we have to reduce the number of plastic bags used.
We encourage the use of durable handbags that can be used repeatedly. \" E-
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