plastic bag charge: where does the money go?

by:Sengtor     2020-03-13
According to the government\'s plan, the 5p cost of plastic bags in the UK can be expanded to stores and chain stores with 250 or fewer employees.
In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the cost of 5 p, regardless of size, has been applied to all businesses.
Last fiscal year, two large retailers in the UK sold.
1 billion plastic bags.
But where did all the money go?
According to the government, there is a \"clear expectation\" that the income from the charges will be used for good business.
It is up to individual retailers to decide what reason to support.
At the end of the last fiscal year (April 2017)
The British government has asked about donations from big UK retailers over the past 12 months.
Of the 261 retailers currently charging 5 p, 168 responded.
This includes eight major retailers: In 2016, a total of £ 66 was donated to charity --17.
For each bit, this takes effect at 4 p. use bag sold.
But why not donate all 5 p?
First, allow retailers to deduct \"reasonable costs\" from the total amount before giving \".
The cost of the bag cannot be recovered, but the retailer can deduct the cost of replacing the system, training personnel and other administrative expenses.
Of the retailers who responded, 45 chose to deduct \"reasonable costs\" from the proceeds \".
This is 4 in total. 5m.
Secondly, 5 p plastic-
Package fee including VAT
Money going directly to the government.
Last year, large retailers paid £ 17 in VAT from plasticbag charge.
In terms of who donated the most: Tesco is among the best (£23. 1m)
And then Morrison\'s (£6. 4m)and the Co-
Operation Group (£6. 3m).
The local cause was the biggest winner and won 33
Half of the total contribution.
But how does the government know that retailers are honest about the way they charge luggage and donate money to charities?
According to the law, retailers need to record the quantity and proceeds of plastic bags sold.
Failure to comply may result in a fine of up to £ 20,000.
Local authorities can send inspectors to the store for \"secret shopper\" activities to ensure that baggage charges are collected correctly and records are kept.
The BBC fact-finding asks how much the government has been fined since plastic was made.
Bagging has been introduced.
The Ministry of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs, which is responsible for this policy, told us that it did not have the information to be fined.
What do you want the BBC reality show to look?
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